Tierney: I Would Never Kneel, But I Understand Why Some People AreBrandon Tierney and Tiki Barber reacted to an unforgettable NFL Sunday
Barber: Eli Can't Do It Anymore, No Longer Makes Players Around Him BetterTiki Barber gave a sobering assessment of Eli Manning and the New York Giants (0-2) on Tuesday
Tiki And Tierney 6-Pack Of Picks: Week 2Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney offer their picks – college and pro – ahead of this weekend's action
Tiki Barber: Of Course You Take Kirk Cousins Over Cam NewtonTiki Barber talks about why he would take Kirk Cousins over Cam Newton.
Tiki And Tierney: Trent Dilfer's Comments On Kaepernick Were DumbThe hosts weren't happy with Trent Dilfer's comments on Colin Kaepernick.
Tiki Barber: Manning's Smart, Brady Better ExecutorCBS Sports Radio host breaks down the difference between Tom Brady & Peyton Manning
Tiki Barber Slams New York Daily News Over Coughlin HeadlineTiki responds to the New York Daily News story that put his Coughlin's comments in a negative light.
Tiki Barber: Tom Coughlin's Ability To Change Made Him GreatTiki Barber talks about playing for Tom Coughlin and his legacy with the Giants.
Tiki Barber Says Pre-Week Hype Got Best Of BeckhamTiki and Tierney rant on the Odell Beckham Jr. antics and how he should be disciplined.
Tiki Barber Discusses WDBJ Shooting In Home State of VirginiaTiki Barber addressed the WDBJ shooting tragedy that took place Wednesday in his home state of Virgina.
Tiki Barber Says Roger Goodell Should Be FiredTiki Barber gives his rant on Roger Goodell and how he needs to go.
Tiki Barber: 'Bucs Have Loved Winston From Day One'Tiki discussed his brother Ronde's insight into who the Buccaneers will take at No. 1

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