Romar: Markelle Fultz Will Win Games In The NBALorenzo Romar doesn't believe that Washington's 9-22 season is a referendum on Markelle Fultz's value
Former Laker: Magic Johnson Will Put LaVar Ball In His PlaceMychal Thompson doesn't see LaVar Ball as a distraction. In fact, he sees him as an asset
Jon Rothstein: 'Porzingis Has Second-Highest Ceiling In Draft'CBS Sports college basketball insider talks NBA Draft.
Jon Rothstein: 'Exum Is International Man Of Mystery'CBS Sports Network college basketball insider breaks down the NBA Draft.
Pat Williams: 'This Draft Vital For Us'Orlando Magic president discusses the NBA Draft and what his team will do.
Alaa Abdelnaby: 'Wiggins Needs To Be Franchise Player'CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst discusses Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins.
Sekou Smith: 'If Sixers Draft Embiid, Somebody Needs To Lose Their Job' writer discusses where Joel Embiid may get drafted after his injury.
Chris Mannix: 'Embiid Could Fall Out Of Top 10'Sports Illustrated NBA insider discusses Joel Embiid and who the Cavs may take in the draft.

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