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  • Friday, February 12th

    In case you missed any of the show, we give you the highlights in Today's Daily Rewind
  • Chris Sheridan -

    We get the latest updates on the NBA Trade deadline with one of the best insiders in the business and has a unique trade proposal for Carmelo Anthony
  • Tiki and Tierney - McNabb Defending Cam

    After the great interview with Donovan McNabb where he discussed TO and defended Cam Newton for not jumping on that fumble, Tiki, BT and our callers were FIRED UP!
  • Donovan McNabb - Former Eagles QB

    Terrell Owens didn't make the Hall-of-Fame, due in large part to his personality off the field... who better to ask about TO's locker-room presence than his former QB in Philly, Donovan McNabb?
  • Tiki and Tierney - Trade D12?

    As rumors spark (again) about Dwight Howard being on the trading block, the guys ask the simple question: Would anybody even WANT him?!
  • Thursday, February 11th

    In case you missed any of the show, we give you the highlights in Today's Daily Rewind
  • Bobby Marks - Former Nets Assistant GM/ Front Office Insider for Yahoo Sports

    We break down all the NBA trade deadline talk, the future of Blake Griffin, and where Phil Jackson will wind up

    Are you IN or are you Out?! We debate the big issues of the day
  • Wednesday, February 10th
  • Tiki and Tierney - The Daily Rewind

    In case you missed any of the show, we give you the highlights in today's Daily Rewind
  • Tiki and Tierney - More Manziel Mess

    The more we hear about the secret life of Johnny Manziel, the more we're convinced he's never going to amount to anything on the field, no matter what team he plays for
  • Pete Prisco - CBS Sports NFL Columnist

    We break down Super Bowl 50 and discuss the treatment of Cam Newton in the media
  • Tiki and Tierney - Zen Master back to LA?

    Reports surfacing says Phil Jackson might leave the Knicks to return to the Lakers... what's next for the Purple and Gold and the Knicks if he goes?
  • Tiki and Tierney - Cam the Sore Loser

    As MVP Cam Newton responds to the criticism of his attitude after the Super Bowl loss, we debate if we respect him more for standing firm or less for not understanding the bigger picture of what's expected
  • Tuesday, February 9th

    Chris Moore chats with our CBS Sports Charlotte affiliate's Frank Garcia to get the current state of affairs in Carolina following their loss in Super Bowl 50. 

    Chris Herring, who covers the Knicks for the Wall Street Journal, joins Chris to talk about the Knicks moving on from Derek Fisher as their head coach as well as who they could be bringing in to replace him. 

    NFL Network Analyst Brian Billick, who knows a thing or two about winning the Super Bowl with a great defense, joins Chris to talk about the Broncos and Panthers performance in the Super Bowl. 

    Chris Moore fills in for Tiki and Tierney, who get a much needed day off, and opens the show giving his thoughts on the Super Bowl or rather how un-super it was. 
  • Monday, February 8th
  • Tiki and Tierney - The Daily Rewind

    In case you missed any of the show, we give you the highlights in today's Daily Rewind
  • Tiki and Tierney - Knicks Fire Head Coach Derek Fisher

    During the show, news broke that BT's beloved Knicks had fired Derek Fisher.  The guys analyze what went wrong, and where the Knicks will go from here
  • Tiki and Tierney - 5-Star Rewind

    We give you the best sights and sounds from Super Bowl 50 in this edition of 5-Star Rewind
  • Shaun King - Yahoo Sports NFL Analyst

    Cam Newton was named the league's MVP this weekend, but was shut down by the Broncos last night - and appeared to show his frusstrations after the game with the media.  What happened to Cam yesterday?
  • Tiki and Tierney - Super Bowl 50 Recap

    Still in San Francisco, with the game fresh on their minds, the guys shared their thoughts on the big game.... And BT had some pretty strong words for Cam Newton
  • Friday, February 5th
  • Terrell Davis - NFL Network Analyst & Former Broncos Running Back

    The former Bronco joined the guys at Radio Row and shared his thoughts on the Super Bowl - including his prediction, Peyton Manning, and whether or not he belongs in the Hall of Fame
  • Emmitt Smith - Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame Running Back

    The 3-time Super Bowl champ joined the guys to discuss this year's matchup, why the running back position is undervalued today, and where he ranks himself amongst the best running backs of all-time
  • Derrick Brooks - Tampa Bay Bucs Hall of Fame Linebacker

    The Hall of Famer - a former teammate of Tiki's brother Ronde - chatted with the guys for a few about his former teammates who deserve Hall of Fame consideration, Jameis Winston's first NFL season, and his role as an NFL appeals officer
  • DeMarco Murray - Philadelphia Eagles Running Back

    The Eagles RB sat down with Tiki for a candid interview in which he addressed the rumors that he's unhappy in Philly.  The two running backs also discussed DeMarco's perceived issues with former coach Chip Kelly, his expectations for the team with a new coaching staff, and Sam Bradford
  • Jim Harbaugh - Michigan Wolverines Head Coach

    Who's cooler than this guy? The Wolverines coach hung out with the guys and discussed his unique recruiting process and how he ultimately ended up in Ann Harbor.  The former 49ers Head Coach also gave his toughts on Colin Kaepernick, and the Niner's new lead-man, Chip Kelly
  • Todd Gurley - Los Angeles Rams Rookie Running Back

    The Rams rookie star visited the guys and opened up about his transition from college to the NFL, and how he dealt with his torn ACL leading into his first season.  And with the NFL Honors just a day away, Todd made a final pitch to be named offensive rookie of the year.
  • Amari Cooper - Oakland Raiders Rookie Wide Receiver

    The Raiders talented first year wideout joined the guys and discussed his first NFL season, his chemistry with QB Derrick Carr, and how the Raiders are heading in the right direction.  The Pro Bowl fill-in also discussed the prospect of the Raiders relocating away from Oakland
  • Brett Favre - Green Bay Packers Legendary Quarterback

    The legendary QB stopped by and discussed his unbelievable career, being considered for the hall of fame, and his return to Lambeau this past season to be honored by the Packers.  Favre also weighed in on the debate as to who's the best QB of all time.
  • Thursday, February 4th
  • Blake Bortles - Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback

    The Jags' s young QB stopped by, and despite what we had previously thought, we found out he is NOT a robot.  Once that was established, Blake discussed his young, talented receiving corps and was pressed on which one specifically is his favorite target. He also opened up about what he and his team need to improve upon to make the leap to being a playoff contender.
  • Doug Martin - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pro Bowl Running Back

    The Bucs RB visited the guys at Radio Row and discussed Jameis Winston's rookie season, Tampa's coaching change, and his return to form this year after an injury-riddled 2014
  • Aaron Donald - Los Angeles Rams All-Pro Defensive Tackle

    Back in August, BT predicted the Rams would be playing in the Super Bowl this year. So the Rams big-man had some explaining to do as to why his team let BT down.  He also discussed the Rams move to LA, and the effect it had on the St. Louis fan base. 
  • Shannon Sharpe - Broncos Hall of Fame Tight End

    Who knows the tight end position better than this guy? Before weighing in on the Super Bowl matchup, the Bronco legend discussed the evolutoin of the tight end position, and what exactly makes Rob Gronkowski so dominant 
  • Marcus Mariota - Tennessee Titans Quarterback

    Last year's 2nd overall pick came by and discussed his rookie campaign and his learning experiences from it.  The former Oregon Duck also addressed the short-lived rumors that Chip Kelly was looking to reunite with his former quarterback in Tennessee
  • Wednesday, February 3rd
  • Adam Vinatieri - Indianapolis Colts Kicker

    Just named to the Super Bowl 50 Golden Team, Adam Vinatieri has certainly etched his name into Super Bowl history.  The man with ice in his veins hung with the guys for a little and took them inside the life of an NFL kicker
  • Jerry Rice - The G.O.A.T

    With the Super Bowl in the Bay area, who better to have join the show than Jerry Rice?  The G.O.A.T, fresh off a loss to Team Irvin in the Pro Bowl, gave his take on the Super Bowl, Colin Kaepernick, and some of the Hall of Fame WR nominees
  • Randall Cobb - Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver

    The Packers WR paid the guys a visit and explained what exactly went wrong with the Packers this year
  • Herman Moore - Former Lions Wide Receiver

    The former Lions WR joined the guys and gave his thoughts on the Lions - including Calvin Johnson's possible retirement, and whether Matthew Stafford could ever lead the Lions to a championship
  • Jarvis Landry - Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl Wide Receiver

    The Pro Bowler stopped by and gave his take on the Dolphins, and shared his thoughts on Ryan Tannehill's relationship with teammate Brent Grimes 
  • Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame Quarterback

    The Hall of Famer paid the guys a visit and gave his thoughts on Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins, as well as the two QB's competing for the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday
  • Tim Brown - Raiders Hall of Fame Wide Receiver

    The Raiders legend, and 2015 Hall of Fame inductee shared his thoughts on Calvin Johnson's possible retirement, this year's Hall of Fame WR nominees, and the prospect of the Raiders relocating
  • Luke Rockhold - UFC Middleweight Champion

    The Champ, fresh off his title win at UFC 194, stopped by for a few to chat with the guys -- but they had to stand up for their buddy Chris Weidman, whom Rockhold beat for the belt
  • Rick Welts - Warriors President & COO

    With the Super Bowl in the Bay Area, Rick stopped by to talk with the guys about his team's unbelievable season thus far, and their chase of the single-season wins record
  • Peter King - Sports Illustrated "The MMQB" NFL Writer

    We discuss this weekend's Hall of Fame Nominees and Peter's weekly MMQB column
  • Monday, February 1st
  • Mary Kat Cabot - Browns Reporter For Cleveland Plain Dealer

    Another week, another Manziel drama... what's going on with Johnny Football and the Browns after this latest run-in with the law?

    In case you missed any of the show, we give you the highlights in Today's Daily Rewind
  • Brian Kinchen - Former NFL Tight End and Long Snapper

    The man who made the Super Bowl winning snap for Adam Vinatieri against the Panthers discusses the pressure on that final play!
  • Tiki and Tierney - NFL Early Retirements

    With the news that Lions star Calvin Johnson might retire, we discuss players who retire early... and who would know better than Tiki himself?!
  • Friday, January 29th

    In case you missed any of the show, we give you the highlights in Today's Daily Rewind
  • Jason La Canfora - CBS Sports NFL Insider

    We talk all things NFL including the potential Raiders move to Vegas
  • Tiki and Tierney - All-Time Super Bowl Team

    The NFL released the All-Time Super Bowl Roster... but 2 names are surprinsingly missing!
  • Thursday, January 28th
  • Tiki and Tierney - The Daily Rewind

    In case you missed any of the show, we give you the highlights in Today's Daily Rewind
  • Peter King - Sports Illustrated "The MMQB" NFL Writer

    We discuss Peyton Manning's future after the Super Bowl, and how the Chargers will do if they wind up moving to Los Angeles
  • Tiki and Tierney - Inbounds/ Out of Bounds

    Are you IN or are you Out?! We debate the big issues of the day
  • Brian Billick - NFL Network Analyst

    The Super Bowl winning head coach and friend of the show discusses what he would do if he was in Gary Kubiak's shoes, and who are the Broncos' and Panthers' five best players
  • Tiki and Tierney - How Cam Newton is Viewed

    The guys open the show by discussing how race has impacted the way fans and members of the media perceive Cam Newton.
  • Wednesday, January 27th

    In case you missed any of the show, we give you the highlights in Today's Daily Rewind
  • Brian Urlacher - Former Chicago Bears Linebacker

    The former All-Pro Linebacker joined to preview the Super Bowl, talk Bears, and that luscious new coif of hair on top of his previously bald head
  • Troy Aikman - Dallas Cowboys Hall-of-Fame Quarterback

    The Hall-of-Fame QB stopped by and had some interesting thoughts on Jerry Jones and Johnny Manziel... and we make him pick between Cam Newton or Andrew Luck 

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