Now that Nick Foles has a Super Bowl title and a Super Bowl MVP – this after throwing for 373 yards and three touchdowns in a 41-33 win over the Patriots on Sunday – there’s just one question:

Where do the Eagles go from here?

“If I’m the Philadelphia Eagles, I certainly want to keep Foles,” former NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann said on Tiki and Tierney. “First of all, where would you be without him?”



Probably not Super Bowl champions. Indeed, Foles was thrust into the starting role after Carson Wentz tore his ACL in December. Foles responded by leading the Eagles to playoff wins over the Falcons, Vikings and Patriots. In his final two games, he threw for 725 yards, six touchdowns and one interceptions and also had a receiving touchdown on a trick play against the Pats.

Foles was, in a word, incredible.

“It’s a league where you just can’t say, ‘Okay, we have one quarterback,’” Theismann said. “It isn’t that often that your starting quarterback starts every game and plays the entire season for you. Carson Wentz was being called a possible MVP, but right now, Nick Foles has something that Carson does not: He’s the MVP of the Super Bowl. If I’m the Philadelphia Eagles, I don’t want to get rid of Nick Foles.”

Besides, Theismann said, the market for Foles could be even greater once Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Eli Manning retire.

“You buy yourself another year or so, and there’s some more opportunities coming up,” Theismann said. “If I was Nick, I’d probably enjoy the city of Philadelphia for a year. Be the guy for a while.”

Brady, meanwhile, fell shy in his quest for a sixth Super Bowl title. But will this loss affect his legacy? Is there that much of a difference between 5-3 and 6-2?”

Theismann says no.

“First of all, he’s played in eight Super Bowls,” Theismann said. “That’s No. 1. And who’s to say he’s not going to play in a ninth? His legacy didn’t change one bit. He threw for 500 yards and three touchdowns. It was typical Tom Brady. It was greatness. He just happened to lose. I still think he’ll be the greatest that ever played the game, and I’m not 100 percent sure it’s just going to be eight.”

Theismann, who played for the Redskins from 1974-85, also weighed in on Washington’s trade for Alex Smith.

“I like the Alex Smith trade,” he said. “I think it’s great for everyone. Alex got out of Kansas City, Pat Mahomes gets to play, Kirk has an opportunity to go wherever he wants to go and probably make $130- or $140 million, and Alex brings (something) somewhat similar to what Kirk does. He brings the same type of mobility, the same type of accuracy and the same type of passion and intelligence to the position.”


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