Expectations for the Packers sans Aaron Rodgers are tempered, understandably so. But at the very least, most fans probably expect Green Bay to not get shut out, especially at home.

Well, that’s exactly what happened Sunday.

Baltimore blanked Green Bay, 23-0, as Brett Hundley threw three interceptions and lost a fumble.

“He looked really, really bad,” NFL analyst Ross Tucker said on Tiki and Tierney. “He made a couple decent throws, but all three of his interceptions were awful. One of them, they just fooled him. He thought it was man-to-man and Jimmy Smith drops off into a zone coverage. The one he was just trying to do too much. It’s weird, though. I can almost live with some of the picks. The issue I have? He took two sacks on fourth down. Twice, he took sacks on fourth down. Nothing is more frustrating than that. My mom knows on fourth down at least throw the ball up and give one of your guys a chance. It’s unbelievable. That’s the kind of stuff that really, really bothers me. Some quarterbacks get it; other guys don’t. It’s a bad look.”



Not just for Hundley, but also for head coach Mike McCarthy.

“For these guys that are quarterback-whisperer guys,” Tucker said, referring McCarthy and Texans coach Bill O’Brien, “it’s a bad look when you’ve got a guy that you put that much time into, and they don’t look like they have a clue.”

Tom Savage led the Texans to a 31-21 win against Arizona on Sunday, but he has completed just 52.8 percent of his passes this season and has four touchdowns in four games.

Needless to say, the Packers and Texans miss Rodgers and Deshaun Watson a great deal.

“There are so many teams where, if they lose a guy, they’re so not interesting,” Tucker said, “which is why the NFL is coming up with all these rules to try and protect these guys as much as they can.”

Tucker, though, did credit Packers fans, who – despite temperatures in the low-20s – were in their seats hours before kickoff Sunday.

“I was sitting there thinking I used to praise them for their passion; now it’s more questioning their intelligence,” Tucker joked, prompting laughter from Tiki and Tierney. “To sit on a metal bleacher for two hours? Two hours before the game, literally nothing is going on. It’s like a half full stadium an hour before the game. I would be somewhere warm, eating a brat, drinking a beer. I’m amazed. I was amazed how many people stayed to the end of the game. They have undying loyalty. They never criticize. But I think it’s just unbelievably frustrating.”

It won’t get any easier for Green Bay, either. The Packers (5-5) will face the Steelers (8-2) in Pittsburgh this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET.


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