In case you missed it over the last couple of decades, the Cleveland Browns are awful. Really, really awful.

And there’s seemingly nothing head coach Hue Jackson can do to fix it.

“Yeah, it’s ugly,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Look, they’re 1-19 in their last 20. They’re also 4-37 in their last 41, which predates Hue Jackson. That goes back to the middle of the 2014 season. Their institutional ineptitude and institutional baked-in failure predates Hugh Jackson. What kind of a head coach is Hue Jackson? I don’t know think we’ll ever be able to know from this iteration because every week he’s given wilted cabbage and day-old tomatoes and smelly cheese, and on Sunday he’s asked to make a salad out of it. Nobody’s winning there. Let’s just be real.”



La Canfora then rattled off some of Cleveland’s countless blunders in recent years.

They spent $16 million for a second-round draft pick that they’ll probably have wasted,” he said. “They drafted Johnny Manziel. They passed on Odell Beckham. They passed on Dak Prescott five times to take (Cody) Kessler, who’s inactive every week because (Kevin) Hogan, who they picked up off the practice squad, is better than any quarterback they have there. Come on, man. They passed on (Carson) Wentz. They passed on (Deshaun) Watson. They traded out of a spot for Watson to move down and take (DeShone) Kizer. They drafted five receivers out of 14 picks two years ago. They all made the team. Nobody on the team can catch the ball. They’re desperate for receivers now. (Corey) Coleman’s always hurt. (Kenny) Britt was a bad signing and he’s hurt. You drafted all those receivers; none of them can play. It’s not Hue Jackson. The Browns are broken, and I don’t know how anybody survives.”

La Canfora, needless to say, does not think highly of Sashi Brown or Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

“He’s going to have to blow it up, I believe, whether he wants to or not,” La Canfora said of Haslam. “The problem is owners don’t fire themselves. He clearly is not equipped to put together a winning organization. He watched the Rooneys do it, but he’s trying to do it his own way rather than do it the Rooney way.”

The Browns (0-4) will try to get in the win column this Sunday against the Jets (2-2).

In other news, former Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden signed with Tennessee, suggesting that Marcus Mariota (hamstring) will likely miss this Sunday’s road game against Miami.

“I’d be very surprised if he played,” La Canfora said. “He’s the franchise. he’s been oft-injured. It’s a long season. Matt Cassel can’t play. You’re better off having Matt Cassel trying to navigate you through one game rather than Marcus Mariota plays, he’s out again at halftime and now you might need Matt Cassel for a month. I do not believe Marcus Mariota will play. When you bring Brandon Weeden into your building, when that’s the route you go, that’s telling me your starting quarterback isn’t playing.”


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