For the first time since 2007, Adrian Peterson is not a Minnesota Viking. That is a strange feeling for Vikings fans, and that is a strange feeling for Vikings players.

“Obviously everybody realizes the void that is left when you lose a future Hall-of-Fame player on the field, but also there’s a big void in the locker room and off the field as well,” Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Adrian was a great leader and a guy that a lot of the young guys on our team . . . looked up to and saw the way that he worked off the field. That kind of trickled throughout our locker room.”

Peterson recorded seven 1,200-yard seasons for Minnesota, including his historic 2,097-yard season in 2012, which ranks second all time.

“When you lose the caliber of player like that, there is a void that has to be filled,” Rudolph said. “You move ahead and look to our roster this year. We have three really good running backs, and I’m excited to watch all three of those guys go out and play this year and make plays and help our team win games.”



The Vikings, of course, drafted Dalvin Cook in the second round of the NFL Draft in April. They hope the Florida State product can carry the load for years to come.

“He’s been extremely fun to watch,” Rudolph said. “You see his patience and vision really come through. It’s been fun to kind of watch him grow throughout his rookie offseason, and I’m really looking forward to watching him go through his rookie year because he’s been extremely impressive. He’s a great kid. He’s a student of the game off the field and in the meeting room, and he’s a pretty electric runner. I’m looking forward to watching him play for us this year and see what he does when he gets his hands on the ball.”

  1. Paul Doyal says:

    its obvious there is a void but that it was a void of not having #28 on the field for almost 2 years avoiding injury is the key for any player in the NFL and Adrian was not available for 2 years as a player. I never agreed with his being put on the exempt list and then suspended and then the Vikings sort of turned their back on #28 and for awhile everybody and their brother thought that #28 would leave the Vikings then he came back and led the league in rushing with 1400 yards then he gets injured comes back again and then gets injured again # 28 lost 2 seasons worth of his career! All this time afer the suspension petersen did not have the full support of some front office people and he resented that very much! It certainly was not child abuse, the fact that there were pictures Petersen was already convicted without going to court, things would have been different if he was not a Black man! and that is some real truth and as far as the NFL is concerned he got a very bad deal with the commissioner learning his job! That Goodell fellow is a real horses ass! I dont think the Vikings will miss Adrian too much especially since he is a little rusty at this point and if he gets injured again his career should just about be over so all this is mute! he is playing for New Orleans which has a decent run game with Ingram and ingram is the starter anyway! So adrian is a depth guy for sure but he wont have the same roll going orward unless something happens to Ingram!

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