As a 15-year NFL vet, former Bronco and current 104.3 The Fan host in Denver, Brandon Stokley knows the Denver Broncos inside and out. He knows Paxton Lynch inside and out. He’s seen the 2016 first-round pick take rep after rep after rep.

And overall, it’s not a pretty picture.

Stokley, when asked to identify Lynch’s three biggest strengths, could only think of two.

“Look, he’s got a strong arm, he’s a mobile quarterback – his feet and legs are a strength of his,” Stokley said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Other than that, I’m lost. I got to stop at two. I haven’t seen anything else as a big strength of his right now.”



Lynch’s three biggest weaknesses, meanwhile, came more readily.

“Reading defenses (and) going through his progressions of the pass pattern,” Stokley said. “If his first option is not there, it’s put your head down, tuck the football, and run. So not letting plays develop down the field. Those are his three weaknesses. Has he got better from last training camp to this training camp? Yes, he has. But he’s still just not quite ready to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.”

Lynch played in just three games as a rookie, completing 59.0 percent of his passes for 497 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.

Stokley was asked if the 23-year-old loves football.

“I don’t know,” Stokley said. “I don’t know if he loves football or not. That’s a great question. There was questions about his work ethic last year and his commitment level last year when he didn’t win the starting job and his knowledge of the playbook last year. Rick Dennison, the offensive coordinator, kind of called him out about that late in the season. I saw a different guy throughout the offseason program and early in training camp, and a guy that just kind of plateaued out.

“He’s worked hard this offseason,” Stokley continued. “He’s improved on his football. His accuracy has improved. But it’s just not quite there yet.”


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