On Monday, Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter said he would be shocked if Ezekiel Elliott was not suspended within the next 48 hours. Carter also implied that he had inside information and that Elliott was guilty of assault and domestic violence – and potentially destroying evidence.

What should Cowboys fans make of this?

“The possibility that Ezekiel Elliott is going to get suspended is certainly true,” Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan host Mike Fisher said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Cris isn’t wrong there. Where he is definitely wrong is when he suggests that he has more information on this than the Joneses and the Cowboys. That’s just false. The Joneses and the Cowboys have all the information that the NFL has, and the Joneses and the Cowboys and the NFL have information that dates back 18 months – predating Elliott’s entry into the league. So I don’t think these are Cris Carter-discovered secrets.”



Still, it’ll be interested to see what Goodell decides regarding Elliott, especially since precedent – at least for him – is meaningless.

“There are no rules, and there are no restrictions,” Fisher said. “King Goodell has the muscle to step all over the CBA. Unfortunately, the Players’ Association has zero muscles, zero brains, and zero testicles, which is why they always lose these fights – if they even attempt to fight them. But for a Skip Bayless-led show to have information that the league doesn’t have, that sounds absurd on its face.”

Ultimately, the question isn’t whether Elliott will be suspended; it’s how many games he’ll be suspended for.

“I think something harder than a hand slap can be expected,” Fisher said. “I think a two-game suspension would not be outrageous. The only thing that would be weird about it is I thought domestic violence was supposed to be six games. That takes us back full circle to what was Brady’s penalty supposed to be, and why didn’t he have a right to a speedy trial? Greg Hardy basically served 25 games. Ray Rice wasn’t going to serve any games until somebody took a peek in Commissioner Goodell’s filing cabinet.

“So I think the bigger story – bigger than Zeke and the Cowboys – is can the Players’ Association or the league itself ever come to an understanding that there needs to be a system of jurisprudence that gives me a right to a free trial, a right to defend myself?” Fisher continued. “If I go speeding 70 in a 50, I pay a $20 fine. I don’t pay whatever fine you’re in the mood to give me.”


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