In just over three weeks, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will square off in a boxing ring in Las Vegas. While many sports fans have high hopes for the fight, most boxers do not.

They see complete annihilation.

“I see the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight as an entertaining show – not necessarily a competitive fight,” WBC lightweight champion Mikey Garcia said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “McGregor is going to come in swinging wildly or just trying to knock Floyd’s head off, which is his only chance that I see of landing a shot like that. But as far as a competitive fight, I just don’t see it. The skill level that Conor has is nowhere near the skill level of Floyd inside a boxing ring.”



Mayweather is going for 50-0, while McGregor will be making his boxing debut.

“It’s a great show,” Garcia said. “It’s going to be good entertainment for the fans, and joining the two sports together has never been done until now, so that’s history right there. That’s what it’s going to be really about: enjoying the entertainment, enjoying the show. But I don’t see it being a competitive fight at all. Floyd, I think, is the best boxer of all time, and I think he’s going to completely dominate Conor unless he decides to give Conor a few opportunities and let his hands go and give the fans more entertainment. That’s Floyd’s decision. But I think Floyd wins hands down.”

Garcia, 29, said he would be willing to take on an MMA fighter in the octagon.

“For the right price against the right opponent, sure, why not?” said Garcia, who has studied jiu-jitsu. “I’d go in the cage. I think I’d have a better chance going into the cage and fighting someone there that’s a stand-up fighter than having another MMA fighter jumping into the ring. The ring, I think the skill level is that much different, so much greater, that the ring doesn’t give them a big chance. But if I go in a cage, I think that makes things a little more interesting and a little more fair. I’m willing to go in there.”


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