There’s a perception among sports fans that Floyd Mayweather can’t just beat Conor McGregor, but rather, has to dominate him. Leave no doubt. Knock him out. Inside of three rounds, five max. Anything less, some sports fans say, is a bad look for Mayweather and a bad look for boxing.

But is it fair to hold Mayweather to that standard? Even though he hasn’t (legitimately) knocked anyone out in a decade?

Evander Holyfield says no.

“He’s not that type of fighter,” the four-time world heavyweight champion said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “He’s a classic fighter. His skills are going to be overwhelming. I think that he may get him out. But then again, you got to look at who he’s fighting.”



That would be McGregor, the biggest star in UFC.

“This guy here can fight,” Holyfield said. “The guy can move real good. He used to box, but he won’t be better than Mayweather. But why would Mayweather want to just take a chance? All fighters know that we get to a point where we’ll find out what you can do before we do anything.”

In other words, Mayweather, a defensive fighter, will likely sit back, assess McGregor’s stance, style, and strategy, see what kind of timing and power he has, and then go from there.

“Smart fighters, this is what they do,” said Holyfield, who went 44-10-2 in his career, with 29 KOs. “A lot of times, a guy that’s awkward – that you don’t know what he can do – is tough to fight. When people know how to fight – Floyd’s been fighting good fighters all the time. But when you’re fighting a guy that, he don’t know what he’s doing, how are you going to pick it up?”

While a loss would hurt Mayweather more than McGregor from a perception standpoint, neither fighter will have to work another day in his life. The Pay-Per-View broadcast will cost $99.95, while theater-goers can watch the fight for $40 a pop. Both fighters are expected to pocket tens of millions of dollars, if not more.

That ain’t bad.

Said Holyfield, “There’s no loser in this fight.”


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