Baron Davis played for UCLA and has met LaVar Ball, but he has no interest in discussing anything about the Ball family that is unrelated to basketball.

“I don’t really have no thoughts (about that),” Davis said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I think Lonzo is going to be a great, great player in the league, and I think that he has a huge amount of potential to be a great guard, to help a lot of teams. Other than that, that’s your job to do that. That ain’t my job to talk about (that).”



But Davis, a former NBA All-Star, is a basketball analyst. It’s part of his job to comment on these matters, no?

“No, it ain’t,” Davis said. “For me, I guess I am an analyst and it’s my job to talk about basketball, but it’s not my job to talk about gossip. That’s your job to talk about gossip. I watch what’s happening on the court. A lot of times in media and the attention and social media and stuff like that, for me, it becomes played out. I’m not going to talk about something that is never going to end. I like to talk about the game, and none of this is really affecting the game. So as a basketball analyst, my job is to analyze the game and not to analyze people and their personality traits and what they do as individuals off the court.”

Davis said that LaVar Ball is “cool,” “funny,” and that he had a “good time” meeting him. Other than that? Davis just wants to talk ball.

“I just don’t watch reality TV,” Davis said. “I just think a lot of it around the kid and the father is just what social media and media is going (to). For me, I just come from a different era and a kind of different culture. I can’t wake up in the morning and be talking about what he said about him or what he thinks about him. I just want to talk about when Lonzo gets to the NBA and he’s got to square up against Steph Curry and Kyrie. I want to talk about that. I actually think it’s cool his dad put a target on his back because he thinks his son is that good.

“As older players, we get caught up into just saying anything just to voice our opinion when it’s probably not what we even think. It’s becoming a game of high school, of tattle-tale. I don’t play tattle tale.”

In other news, Davis gave the Boston Celtics credit for beating the Cavaliers in Cleveland on Sunday, but he does not think they have any chance to win the series.

“You have a chance every time you step in the arena, (but) I don’t think they have a chance,” Davis said. “It’s just a tough, uphill battle with LeBron James. I think for the Cavs, it’s (about playing with) a sense of urgency. They have a lot more at stake and a lot more to lose than to gain than the Boston Celtics. I think the Cavs will be a lot more hungry. Knowing that the Warriors are there and waiting for them, they want to get this series over as quick as possible now.”


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