There’s a general consensus that LaVar Ball is going to hurt his son, Lonzo, in the NBA. LaVar will say or do something unwise, and Lonzo will have to answer for it. That’s the assumption, anyway.

Two-time NBA champion Mychal Thompson, however, doesn’t see that happening.

“You can get away with stuff in high school ball and maybe in college basketball, but this is the NBA. This is big-boy basketball,” Thompson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “LaVar Ball is not going to be a distraction. If anything, he’s going to be an asset. He’s going to be great in Staples Center by being very popular with the fans, he’s going to be holding court in the stands, he’s going to be on camera. He’s not going to tweet about any teammates or give the coaches any kind of public instructions. He’ll be fine. He’s not going to say nothing.”

But what if he does? LaVar Ball isn’t exactly a model of restraint – or, at the very least, hasn’t shown himself to be. Who will keep him in line?

Answer: Magic.

“Magic Johnson commands so much respect,” Thompson said. “Let’s say (LaVar) does make a mistake and tweet something out publicly. Believe me: He’ll be called aside by Laker management, led by Magic Johnson, and he’ll say, ‘We won’t do that here.’ And he’ll get the message.”

Luckily, Lonzo seems like the complete opposite of LaVar: humble, focused, and no-nonsense to the core.

“He’s a quiet leader on the court,” Thompson said. “Game respects game, and this young fellow can play. He’s Jason Kidd with a jump shot. He’s got the best court vision I’ve seen since Magic Johnson. His teammates will love playing with him.”


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