Danica Patrick, Joey Logano, and Aric Almirola were involved in a fiery crash at Kansas Speedway on Saturday, one that left Almirola, 33, with a fractured vertebrae.

It was a scary scene for NASCAR drivers everywhere.

“Well, I think the biggest thing you have to process is what type of accident it was,” 2014 Sprint Cup Series champion Kevin Harvick said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “You have to wait for all the information to come in and try to analyze everything to try to make sure that all the safety equipment and all that you’re doing is (as good) as possible. Our sport has evolved a long ways. I took over for Dale Earnhardt when he died in 2001 and drove his car the next week, and the safety and the way it has evolved over the last 15 years has been pretty extraordinary.

“So NASCAR has done a great job of doing things and progressing things on the safety side,” Harvick continued. “As an NFL player would know, you want to have the safest stuff you can have. There’s really no dollar on it. You just go out and make it happen because you want to be around and play what you love to do or drive the car as long as you can.”



Harvick, 41, believes NASCAR is doing everything it can to protect its drivers.

“It’s become so much safer over the last 15 years that hopefully these wrecks are few and far between,” he said. “This particular wreck that Aric had was out of the ordinary. The car actually had a broken part and it was an unexpected circumstance of the car veering left, hitting another car, and then him coming through and getting sideways. So there was a lot of things that are just weird circumstances, and you see this happen in other sports too where all the stars line up and something crazy happens and you have a guy that hurts his back or you have a guy that hurts his neck. So you know the dangers and you try to prevent all those things, but sometimes all the stars line up and something crazy happens. I think this is definitely one of those instances.”


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