The drama surrounding Scot McCloughan has played out like a soap opera, with rumors circulating that the Redskins general manager is once again struggling with alcoholism.

“Look, everybody knows that Scot has had a drinking problem,” Bleacher Report NFL reporter Jason Cole said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “The stories are floating out there. There’s a story from the Senior Bowl about him not being in good shape. There’s stories from players at Redskins’ social functions during the holidays giving him drinks constantly, not knowing that he had a problem, things like that. Yeah, there are stories like that that are out there. I think there’s some truth to both of those prime examples, and I’m sure there are some other ones, and it’s sad – because if that’s true, Scot has never gotten control of that beast.”

McCloughan, 46, has worked in the NFL since the mid-90s. He arrived in Washington in January 2015 after stints with San Francisco and Seattle.

“It’s really, really sad because he’s a very good human being,” Cole said. “Everybody who knows Scot McCloughan likes Scot McCloughan. He’s an incredibly honest guy, he’s energetic, he’s fun – he’s all of those things. But he suffers from a disease that affects lots of people that we know out there, and he hasn’t gotten control of it. So I hope that he can. I hope that he can come back and be a productive general manager or some other kind of executive because let’s just put it this way: even other GMs in this league will look at Scot McCloughan and go, ‘He’s the best at what he does.’ There are a lot of GMs who will look and say, ‘That guy knows how to pick players, and I wish I had his secret. I wish I knew what he was looking at so that I could pick it out the same way he does.’”

Cole was also asked about a potential three-team trade involving the Redskins, Cowboys and 49ers, with Kirk Cousins and Tony Romo serving as central figures.

“Look, it’s all logical, (but if you’re Washington), you have to find an answer at quarterback,” Cole said. “Most people would say, ‘You trade (Cousins) and then you get a new quarterback.’ No, no, no. You get a new quarterback and then you actually trade him. You just can’t announce the fact that you’ve gotten a new quarterback already. You have to set that up behind closed doors. You have to find a way to get Romo. Now, that’s where this all becomes a problem. Are the Cowboys really sending Tony Romo to Washington?”

Cole discussed this very matter with a Redskins executive.

“He scoffed at me and said, ‘Are you serious? The Cowboys and the Redskins making a trade? Seriously?’” Cole said. “He just laughed. And then you see what Jerry Jones said later on Saturday about that not being a possibility and it’s never going to happen. So I seriously doubt that.”

There is, of course, the possibility of the Cowboys cutting Romo and Romo signing with Washington as a free agent. But even that seems unlikely.

“That sounds great, sounds interesting,” Cole said skeptically. “The problem is, Tony has just built a brand-new home in Dallas and he and his wife have their third child on the way. They would like to make Dallas their home, and it’s really hard to make your home in Dallas if you’re trying to one-up the Cowboys by going to the Redskins. . . . If you handle yourself the right way, you’re still Tony Romo and you’ve become an endorsement king in the city of Dallas and around the state of Texas. You don’t ruin your name there, sort of the way that Brett Favre kind of ruined his name in Green Bay and the entire state of Wisconsin for a few years. It took years and years before they finally made peace over the whole thing and everybody forgave each other. At the end of the day, do you really want to thumb your nose at your own team? There’s a great temptation to (get a new girlfriend) and make sure that the old girlfriend sees the new girlfriend. There’s a strong temptation to do that. It usually doesn’t work out very well.”


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