For reasons unknown, Redskins general manger Scot McCloughan is not at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Which doesn’t make sense on any level in any way.

“Look, it’s very complicated and hard to explain,” Washington D.C.’s 106.7 The Fan Redskins analyst Chris Russell said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “As you guys know, it’s always a circus around here. It’s always been a circus, it always will be a circus – it’ll never stop ending. With the disappointing end to the season and the way it ended and with all the on-field controversies and on-field issues that they have to solve between Kirk Cousins, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, all of a sudden all this smoke and rumors started coming out that the Redskins were very disappointed in Scot McCloughan.”

A little digging by Russell revealed some hard-to-believe facts.

“We were able to confirm as a radio station that he was not at the scouting Combine, which is highly unusual, (and) in addition to that, I (learned) that he had been sent home from Redskins Park on Feb. 20 for reasons unknown exactly,” Russell said. “That’s where we are. His wife denied that. Scot McCloughan denied that. But the team has not denied that despite multiple opportunities. So here we are, the Redskins are at the Combine, and the Redskins don’t have the guy that they hired to run the entire NFL Draft and the guy that specializes in this category. That’s extremely unusual, along with the other stuff.”

There were reports that McCloughan would not attend the Combine due to the death of his 100-year-old grandmother, who passed away on Feb. 6. That, however, seems hard to believe.

“We wish his family the best, and we all understand that death is not an easy thing to process and deal with,” Russell said. “But because there’s a lot of other stuff and a lot of other smoke, it’s hard to truly believe everyone for everything they say. In addition, it would be more than understandable to say he was late in arriving at the scouting Combine in Indianapolis. But he told my colleague, Brian McNally, that he wasn’t coming at all. Look, again, not to be insensitive, but if this is the Super Bowl of the draft process, maybe a one-day or two-day absence during some interviews and weigh-ins may not be a big deal. But a scout – that is what Scot is at his very most. At his inner core, he is a scout’s scout. A scout needs to be on the field. He needs to be in person. He needs to see it for himself. Film shows you a lot, but your eyes, in person, tells you almost everything else – and he’s not there, which is really, really strange.”

Other reports suggest that McCloughan is once again having drinking problems. The 46-year-old has battled alcohol abuse in the past.

“I can’t tell you that I haven’t been told and heard a lot of evidence to that, but it would be irresponsible of me to say I know for sure because I have not seen it with my eyes,” Russell said. “But if I told you I probably received 200 different allegations or people that have said something similar to that, yeah. I want to be clear: I have not seen it with my own eyes.”

The Redskins have finished with a winning record in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 1996-97. Unfortunately, there is great uncertainty in the front office and under center. Kirk Cousins is a Redskin, at least for now, but his long-term future with the franchise remains in serious doubt.

“I think they totally and completely screwed up the entire situation last summer, when they could have resigned him reasonably for a long-term deal and they didn’t,” Russell said. “So they dropped the ball with that. So now they’ve franchise-tagged him. They say they’re not going to trade him (and) they’re going to sign him to a long-term contract. I’ll believe it when I see it. There’s still significant difference between the two sides. They can still trade him despite what Bruce Allen said yesterday. They can still trade him. It’s just that they control the market. They have to initiate trade talks with another team and then ultimately Kirk Cousins might be able to receive permission to sign a long-term deal with that team. Sources close to the situation say he’ll only sign a long-term deal with Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers. So for right now, it appears the Redskins are going to try to get a long-term deal done, but it is a major, major risk.”


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