Jordan Rodgers is famous for two reasons: One, he is Aaron’s brother, and two, he won The Bachelorette. But he also has football opinions, and Rodgers would take Kirk Cousins over Cam Newton at quarterback.

Sound crazy? Well, Tiki Barber agrees with Rodgers. So do the stats.

Over the last two years, Cousins has completed 12 percent more passes than Newton, has thrown for almost 1,000 more yards per season, has a higher yards per attempt (7.9 to 7.3), has thrown fewer interceptions and has a significantly higher QB rating (99.4 to 87).

“Cam Newton is the kind of quarterback who, he’s not going to make the risky or stupid throw,” Barber said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “That means his completion percentage is lower. He doesn’t feel like that kind of quarterback, but he is that kind of quarterback. He’ll throw the ball away before he’ll take a sack or throw it into bad coverage, which is good. But it also makes him a kind of one- or two-trick pony. I’m throwing the deep ball or I’m firing it into Greg Olsen on a seam route or whatever it may be, or I’m tucking it and running it. So you become a one- or two-trick guy. So Jordan Rodgers is stating the obvious, but he said it in a way that actually makes a lot of sense. Kirk Cousins is actually the more viable option. Kirk Cousins will sit in the pocket and find his guy and read a defense and know pre-snap where he’s going to go with the ball, and if something breaks down, he finds his check-down back.

“So yeah, of course you take Kirk Cousins over Cam Newton, even though Cam Newton was MVP,” Barber continued. “With Cam Newton, you get an MVP season one year and you get what the hell we saw in 2016. What do you want? I’m not sure I want that roller coaster. I’ve seen that roller coaster – not with one guy, but with multiple guys over the course of my career. With Cam Newton, you’re getting year-to-year volatility. With Kirk Cousins, you haven’t had that. It’s been pretty consistent.”

But what about Newton’s running ability? After all, he has a significant advantage there.

“How long does that last?” Tierney countered. “Donovan (McNabb) was that to an extent for a while, and then he got a little chunky. Of course I love Donovan, but that running edge that he had early on – it was such a pain in the ass – it dissipated as he got older. And so, if you’re choosing one and you’re building for the next five or six years, who are you picking? I think it’s pretty easy to pick Kirk Cousins.”

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see where Cousins plays in 2018 – because it likely won’t be in Washington.

“I don’t know who the hell the Washington Redskins think they’re going to get when Kirk Cousins leaves – because he’s going to leave,” Tierney said. “He’s going to leave. Maybe they franchise him again and he stays for another year. We said this the other day: As soon as they offer it to him – because they have not offered it to him yet – he is signing it right away because it guarantees that he’s there for only one more year. They’ve ostracized this kid to the point where why would you want to stay there? You don’t want to commit to him, you don’t even want to have a conversation with him, and apparently the talks are dead already. So if I’m Kirk, I’m finding whatever the next available place is next year, and I’m out – because he has been good. He hasn’t been great, and I agree with BT. BT’s take on Kirk is when has he won a big game for you? He hasn’t yet, but if you’re the Redskins, what are you doing?”


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