Glenn Robinson III dazzled in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday, outlasting DeAndre Jordan, Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. with a series of dunks that brought fans to their feet.

“Growing up, I watched it, I always dreamed about being in it, and to win it is crazy to me,” Robinson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I got a lot of people, a lot of fans and friends and family that’s happy for me. It kind of just puts you in that moment, puts you in that spotlight.”

Robinson, 23, watched the Dunk Contest as a kid. His most enduring memory of it is Vince Carter jaw-dropping performance in 2000.

Robinson re-watched Carter’s win before Saturday.

“His first dunk was so crazy,” Robinson said. “His first dunk, he went out there and just tried to intimidate everybody. That’s what I wanted to do with that first dunk. Who knows if it worked, but Aaron Gordon, Derrick Jones, they missed a couple dunks and it gave me a little bit of room. The contest is also about strategy. A lot of people forget that.”

Robinson, who starred at Michigan, said thinking of new dunks to attempt was difficult.

“It’s tough,” he said. “Everything mostly has been done. You just got to think of something creative and try to get the fans involved. That’s really what I tried to do. No one had ever seen that stack dunk that I did in the NBA Dunk Contest. I just tried to think of something a little bit more creative, little things the fans could get into as well.

“I wanted to win so bad,” Robinson continued. “I was just doing things to impress the fans. I tried to get them hyped. It’s a lot about how you present the dunk, too. I ran up twice and backed away and told them to stack up, get up higher. Some fans were like, ‘What are you doing?’ They thought I was kind of messing up or whatever. But when (they saw the stack), they got excited. I think the judges appreciate that, too.”

Robinson’s father, Glenn, played in the NBA from 1994-2005 and was, of course, proud of his son.

“He was very impressed,” Robinson said. “He was happy for me. He always wants to see the best for me. He wants me to do way better than he ever did at anything.”

Glenn won an NBA title with the Spurs in 2005. Time will tell if Robinson does the same, but for now, he’s one-upped his father as a dunker.

“I got this (on him),” Robinson said, chuckling. “I’ll have to take the trophy to his house.”


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