Every great athlete gets emulated at some point, but no one has emulated Deion Sanders.

“Ain’t but one Prime,” the Hall of Famer said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Ain’t but one Prime.”

That’s true, but while Sanders was an elite athlete, there have been a lot of other elite athletes over the years – and not just in football. So why has there never been anyone else quite like Sanders?

“Some things are really an original,” Sanders said. “There will never be a Jordan. I’m not putting myself in that light. There will never be another Bolt. There’s some tremendous athletes that touched this game in a major way that you can’t duplicate. You can try your best to replicate it, but it won’t stick. I feel bad for the guys that do because they call them cheap copies – and I don’t like that.”

Sanders, who won a Super Bowl with the Niners and Cowboys, remains one of the most electric football players in NFL history. He said he would dominate, he dominated, and then he danced and high-stepped to showcase his dominance. 

“It was me,” Sanders said. “I wasn’t pretending. I wasn’t trick-or-treaters. I wasn’t trick-or-treating at all. It was real. I’ve been dancing and high-stepping since ’74, ’73, when I played youth football – and it was real. It was real. The high-stepping, that stuff just came. It’s not something you planned on doing. It just happened.”

Brandon Tierney wondered what it was like to be Sanders, especially in his prime. What was it like to be on the field with 21 other elite athletes and to know that you’re more athletic than all of them? What did that feel like?

“First and foremost, there’s not 21 other good athletes out there,” Sanders said, laughing. “I tell everybody: This game is so phenomenal because you got fans, you got cheerleaders, you got assistant coaches – then you got people on the field. Then even with those 11 on the field, it’s only about four or five them out there really doing their whole job and doing it to a whole other level. And when you’re in it, you don’t think of it like that. When you’re in the Super Bowl, you didn’t know all this transpired because you was in the moment. Not until we retired (did we say), ‘Dang, so this is what comes with the Super Bowl? This is really super.’ So when you’re in it, your immune and your eyes are closed to everything that coexists outside. You’re just in the moment.”


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