In the NFL, the regular season is about stats, but the playoffs are about legacy, and a lot of players and coaches have a lot to potentially gain this postseason. But who has the most to gain?

Trent Green took a stab at it – and his player answer might surprise you.

“Tom Brady, if you all of a sudden can get that fifth, nobody’s done that,” the NFL on CBS analyst said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “No starting quarterback has ever done that. So when you’re talking legacy and legends of the game, not that Tom needs that to solidify anything in his career based on what he’s been able to do up until this point and the fact that he’s 39 and still playing at an incredibly high level – that part is impressive in its own. But if he’s able to get five championships, I’ve always had Joe Montana as my top No. 1 guy, just because of what he did throughout his entire career. He’s 4-0 in the Super Bowl. But if you can all of a sudden be a five-time Super Bowl champion, I think from a legacy standpoint, he would have the most to gain.”

As for coaches, Green believes Andy Reid has the most to gain.

“I think he gets overlooked a lot when you start talking about the great coaches,” Green said, “when you start talking about a Marty Schottenheimer that never won a Super Bowl but he has all the wins. Andy Reid, he has been to a Super Bowl but doesn’t have that championship yet. So I think from a championship standpoint, from a legacy standpoint, that would be a good one.”

Meanwhile, Pete Carroll, Mike McCarthy, and Mike Tomlin are all chasing their second Super Bowl title. One of them, though, may need a second ring more than the others.

“Probably the guy that’s been under the most heat recently would be Tomlin, just because of what was said about him,” Green said. “Terry Bradshaw (came) out and (said) he didn’t think of him as a head coach, didn’t think of him as a coach. So I think Tomlin, if he’s able to get his second, would maybe quiet some of the criticism that he’s received recently. But I would put Andy Reid and Tomlin probably in that same category, just because of the recent stuff for Tomlin, but then for Reid, just because of his long-term legacy and the fact that he would finally get one. He’s in the top 10 all time in terms of wins, so this would help solidify his place.”


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