The Redskins had a shot of controlling their own destiny last night at home against the 5-8 Panthers and failed, losing 26-15. That pretty much will be a wrap on their playoff hopes. Who better to talk about it than former Redskins QB Mark Rypien.

“Jay probably should have played yesterday with the way things went,” Rypien said on Tiki And Tierney on CBS Sports Radio. “It was pretty disappointing to see that they held their own destiny in the weeks to come and to go out and play as flat as they did, never really allow the Redskins faithful to get into the game, and couldn’t muster anything up. It was just a flat team.”

Redskins fans in the past have been known for being rabid and diehards, who support their team. It doesn’t seem to be that way any more.

“We went to four Super Bowls in 11 years, and won three of them,” said Rypien. “There was a sense of community and a sense of being here in the offseason and doing things together as players. You don’t see that anymore. Each guy is their own business. You go through making sure you’re taking care of yourself. It’s really frustrating to see a team that kind of needs that edge, and they don’t have that edge that is going to play with everything on the line. To play as flat as they did yesterday, as a former player and as the fans, it’s not acceptable. It wasn’t a fun environment. The fans were sitting on their hands. It was not a good situation.”

The question is what does the future hold for Kirk Cousins with the Redskins.

“If they don’t sign him to a long-term deal, they’re making a mistake,” Rypien said. “He’s got the tools. He’s got the ability to take this team the next four, five, six years. That would be the first thing I would do is sign him to a good deal, keep him around for four years. They need to build some pieces to that puzzle.”


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