Former NFL head coach Dan Reeves joined Tiki And Tierney on CBS Sports Radio. Reeves discussed coaching in the NFL and coaches recently fired. Reeves, 72, discussed the potential of Tom Coughlin, also 72, returning to the sidelines.

“A lot depends on your health and how excited you would be to do it,” said Reeves. “There’s no question he’s a great football coach, and if he’s interested in doing it, he would do a great job. He’s a very competitive person.”

One of those coaches who didn’t make the cut was Gus Bradley. The Jaguars are 2-12 and just can’t find a way to win a game.

“It’s so difficult. I was at three different places,” Reeves said. “It’s the whole organization working together. The coach gets a lot of credit, but also gets a lot of blame. It’s trying to get everybody on the same page moving forward. I was fortunate enough to be with an organization, the Dallas Cowboys, for 16 years. Nobody was looking for the credit, they just wanted to get the job done.”

One team that isn’t in need of a new coach is the Atlanta Falcons. They are sitting pretty at 9-5 and their offense is explosive. Is this a Super Bowl team?

“They are an outstanding offensive football team,” Reeves said. “Their defense is young, getting better. They have relied a great deal on getting turnovers. That’s the weakness of their football team.”

Reeves also talked about how the game has changed versus how it used to be played.

“It would be a great time to be a running back,” Reeves said. “Tackling is a lost art. It’s hard to get better. It’s something you can’t practice. With all the rules now, I don’t know how you play defense anymore. The passing game is one thing you can work on. I love watching it. The game has digressed a bit as far as fundamentals are concerned.”

Reeves is involved with the After The Impact Fund, which is taking the most dire need cases of military veterans and former players that would otherwise end up in the suicide statistics. You can go to donate online at


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