Bleacher Report NFL analyst and former QB Chris Simms stopped by CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki And Tierney. With Major Applewhite taking over at the University of Houston, Simms chimed in on his former teammate at Texas.

“He’s been around some smart football people throughout his college coaching career,” said Simms. “He started off with Nick Saban a little bit, went back with Mack Brown and company, and then Tom Herman. I’m sure he’s learned a lot from Tom Herman in one year, because he’s a true X’s and O’s hard football coach. I think Major is a pretty smart football mind. He knows how college football works. I do think he’ll be successful at Houston.”

Simms talked about the interaction he had with Applewhite when they played together at Texas, which wasn’t too pretty.

“It was weird,” said Simms. “He didn’t treat me very good the first few years I was there. I had a hart time getting over that. When I became the man, I was the leader of the team, he tried to make up at the end, but I couldn’t get out of the first year or two when he kind of treated me like crap. Everybody on the team was telling me things he was saying behind my back. What made it worse is that Mack Brown made us room together on road games. He was trying to prove to the media that we were still friends. That’s where my experience at Texas was miserable. It divided the fan base too.”

The former NFL QB also talked about who his favorite for NFL MVP would be.

“If Tom lit up the world and and 12 unbelievably games, I would still vote for him to be the MVP,” Simms said. “My issue is it’s not the essence of MVP. The Patriots would be 11-2 if Jimmy Garoppolo was the starting quarterback. That’s not a knock on Tom Brady. New England is the best team in football. They’re the best coached team in football. LeGarrette Blount has been the MVP for that team. If Green Bay gets in the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers would be my MVP because it’s no running back, no top tier receiver. It’s hey Aaron, get in the shotgun and wheel and deal and do three cart wheels and four flips every play or we can’t win. To me it would be Rodgers, a Derek Carr, it would even be a LeVeon Bell, or Matthew Stafford.”


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