With Dak Prescott coming down to earth the last couple of weeks, the endless debate has come back up. Should the Dallas Cowboys stick with the rookie quarterback or should they go back to veteran Tony Romo?

Tiki And Tierney debated what head coach Jason Garrett should do.

“Jerry Jones is not trying to create drama,” Tiki Barber said. “Everything has been working well. Maybe it was too clean. It was too set in order. Let’s throw the Tony Romo wrinkle in there just because it’s out there. He buys into it. That’s unfortunate and unfair for this team. It’s 11-2. We’re talking about a quarterback controversy for a team that’s 11-2. It makes no sense.”

“They need chaos to flourish,” said Brandon Tierney. “George Steinbrenner was kind of like that. Jerry is still out there. He’s pretty outspoken. He does a radio show with our buddies at CBS in Dallas. What I like about Jerry, he treats the entire city of Dallas like it’s his family.”

What if Prescott struggles again Sunday night against the Bucs?

“You can’t change him,” said Barber. “When Tony Romo stood up a month ago and said this is Dak’s team, it was a directive from the organization, from Jason Garrett, that we’re riding this guy until the end. You have to let that happen. They are 11-2. One more win and they are likely getting a bye week. He needs to figure his way out of it. I don’t trust Tony Romo to lead the team miraculously to the Super Bowl. I just don’t see that.”


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