Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Haley joined Brandon Tierney on Tiki And Tierney on CBS Sports Radio to talk about his new book, “Fear No Evil.” Haley wasn’t the nicest of teammates, and that is one thing he would definitely have changed.

“The only thing I would change is the way I interacted with my teammates,” Haley said. “I’m not depressed or angry about pushing those guys. I pushed them and then I went overboard with the way I talked to them and degraded them. I really regret that.

“I was always in attack mode. Most guys didn’t deal with me. I only had a couple of friends. Everybody else was fair game.”

Where did the anger come from?

“I never really got angry unless someone did something to me,” Haley said. “If somebody does something, there’s that switch. That switch comes on and I’m in attack mode. I’m just figuring out how to kick his ass when we get on the field. I┬ábelieve in controlled violence. You’re always in control of your anger.”

It took a while for Haley to get into the Hall of Fame. In 2015, he finally got the call.

“The first couple of times, I got really depressed and went in my room and locked myself in and my family went to the game, and by the time they got back, then my mood had changed,” Haley said.

Haley also commented on the Cowboys QB situation. Will we see Tony Romo this season?

“I don’t think so,” said Haley. “I believe in Dak. I believe he’s mobile, very intelligent. He’s the quarterback of the future. They need to ride the horse. I told Tony he should walk around with his head up. You going to get an opportunity to play again, whether it’s here or somewhere else.”


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