Kentucky head coach

“They knew it was about team. Anthony Davis (had the) fourth-most shots. Karl-Anthony Towns (had the) fifth-most shots. The same with DeMarcus Cousins. You have guys that are willing to share, and if they’re about each other, which is the hardest thing a coach has to teach – be about each other more than yourself – that’s when the thing takes off.”
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JUSTIN PUGH – 12/6/16
Giants offensive guard

“We’ve played them and we know what they’re bringing to the table. Obviously they have some emerging young stars that have been doing some great stuff for them, so obviously stopping the run is the No. 1 thing. Because that offensive line, that running game, is very, very good. That’s got to be the focus of our defense. And our offense, if we put points on the board, it puts them in an awkward position because they really haven’t been down all too much in this 11-(game) run they’ve been on.”
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Bleacher Report SEC writer

“If he gets Houston, maybe all parties involved think it’s a good idea for him to coach because that’s good pub for everybody, including Houston. But my gut feeling is that everybody knows that he’s gone and they’ve got a plan in place. Really, the question becomes does Steve Sarkisian go with Lane wherever Lane goes as a head coach? Because that, I think, is the more pressing issue because Steve Sarkisian is there to sort of be that offensive coordinator in the bullpen.”
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MLB Network insider

“The thing about Bryce Harper is we’re talking about potential; Mike Trout’s done it, and he does it every day of the week. Any way you draw up what you want – intangibles, tangibles, all that – that’s Mike Trout. He’s the gold standard.”
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NFL Network analyst

“Willie Taggart’s going to bring that. Think about how Harbaugh coaches and what he brought to Michigan and what he brought to Stanford and San Diego, and you get the same thing with Taggart. So that makes sense to me. It also didn’t hurt at all that Tony Dungy was heavy in his camp, and Tony Dungy’s a well-respected person. His son had played at Oregon. But they need the antithesis of what they’ve had. Let’s face it: What have we talked about with them that have been issues over the last few years: not being able to stop anyone, not very tough, not very aggressive. Taggart is going to have to build that.”
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MARCUS ALLEN – 12/8/16

“So far, they’ve been excellent, at least offensively they’ve responded. My biggest concern has been defense. On the back end, they’ve given up a lot of big plays. That is what I’m a little nervous about, but I think they’ll be ready to play. I’m looking forward to a great, great game.”
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JEFF WALZ – 12/8/16
Louisville women’s basketball head coach

“To me, losing, you can learn a lot from it, but it’s got to mean something to you. That’s when I said we lost the game and we’re losers. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser in life. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser as a person. But you lost the game, and you’ve got to be able to walk away and go, ‘Hey, I lost the game. I am a loser of that game. What am I going to do to change?’ Unfortunately, I just feel – and it’s my opinion – that we’ve desensitized losing.”
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EDDIE GEORGE – 12/9/16
Former Heisman winner

“He’s on pace to have, what, 1,800 yards as a rookie? It doesn’t hurt that he’s behind one of the greatest offensive lines in the NFL, but certainly even behind a mediocre line, he’ll have tremendous success.”
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BILL HANCOCK – 12/9/16
College Football Playoff Executive Director

“Their performance in the second half of the championship game against Wisconsin was awesome. Nobody moved the ball all season on Wisconsin the way Penn State did in the second half, so it gave us a lot. Penn State, as you know, had the two losses – one to an 8-4 team and the other was a game in which they weren’t particularly competitive. Both teams gave committee members a lot to think about, but we got it right.”
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