Cubs outfielder

“You know that somehow you’re going to laugh hysterically. It’s just a bunch of dudes who love each other, love baseball, grinding for the same thing, man. It’s just a lot of fun. It definitely helps when you have Joe Maddon as your manager, when he’s always keeping everything super loose, making sure that we’re feeling good – our bodies, everything. The clubhouse is definitely an extension of your own family.”
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UFC fighter

“I put a lot of pressure on myself just to go out there and dominate every single time. I don’t know if I could add any more pressure, but I think it’s going to be extra excitement. I think for the first time maybe I won’t get booed. I’ve gone against so many veterans of the sport and so many legends and they’ve had such huge fan bases, and I’d be out in Vegas and they’d have their countries flying in from Brazil, and I hear the boos. This time, I think we’ll have some cheers.”
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CBS Sports college football analyst

“Even though Derrick Henry was outstanding at Alabama, I don’t think that anybody who would have watched the two play over the course of a 12-game season would have said that McCaffrey wasn’t sensational. He broke Barry Sanders’ all-purpose yardage record. He was a sensational player, but eight of his games were played after 10 o’clock. So if you’re not watching it and you’re just reading he numbers, you’re not getting the sense of what kind of a phenomenal performance it was. So I do think West and East does have some (influence).”
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MIKE FREEMAN – 11/9/16
Bleacher Report NFL writer

“No. 1, he played in an era where they didn’t throw the ball a lot. No. 2, he was relied very heavily on. He was the whole offense, basically, and he took a lot of chances and he threw some picks, but he doesn’t have a whole lot of touchdowns because he played in an era where he just didn’t throw the ball as much. And frankly, he was just battered. He was hit a lot.”
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Wisconsin athletic director

“Rather than point the finger, I think we need to sit down and come up with solutions. We’re putting together a meeting right now so the administration can sit down and visit with our athletes, and our campus has got to do something and our athletes will have to do something. I hope we can be productive with it.”
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EDDIE ALVAREZ – 11/10/16
UFC lightweight champion

“Without question. Best ever. I think that’s what it’s going to break every record. The only record it’s not breaking is attendance because MSG just don’t hold as many like the Dome in Canada would. But it’s going to break the gate, it’s going to break the pay-per-view, it’s going to break everything. I think it’s the fighters on the card that do that. We have title fights, you got Frankie Edgar, Chris Weidman – it’s amazing the amount of quality they put on one card at one time.”
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KIRBY HOCUTT – 11/10/16
College Football Playoff Committee Chair

“When you look at teams seven though 19, we have 10 two-loss teams there, as well as a one-loss West Virginia team and a three-loss Florida State team this week. There’s so much parity, such small separation, occurring in there. And No. 5 Ohio State, with one loss, and No. 6 Louisville with one loss, all very good football teams.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“If he does, then it’ll be a moot point. If he doesn’t, then Jerry Jones at some point is going to look at his $20 million quarterback and see what he can do with the same resources, especially if this is a team that they feel like could win them multiple games at January. Who’s going to give them the best opportunity to do that when teams are throwing things at you they’ve been holding back all year, when they’ve really broken you down on tape and have figured out what you can and can’t do and they’re most poised to exploit it? When you’re playing quality opponents every seven days, that’s where the rubber hits the road. Personally, I think Tony Romo is going to have an opportunity to play for this team this year.”
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AARON TAYLOR – 11/11/16
CBS Sports college football analyst

“So when we look back at history and when we look back at what’s starting to emerge this year, my belief is that that will hold up. The team that will win the national championship this year is the one that’s going to play the best defense, is able to stop the run and can run the football. That’s why, in my opinion, Alabama is very deserving of that No. 1 spot, and I think they hold it there all the way through.”
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