JASON COLE – 10/31/16
Bleacher Report NFL writer

“You’ve got a boring game sometimes, particularly in prime time with all sorts of flags. We’re averaging over seven penalties per team per game. That’s 14 penalties per game. That’s the second-highest level in 20-something years. So we got a slow game, we got bad offensive line play, we’ve got quarterbacks getting hurt – there’s myriad of reasons people are not satisfied with the game they’re watching. And that’s one top of the fact that they’re not satisfied, they’re not happy about general life they’re going through, so everybody is just tuned out to both life in general and the game. That would be my theory. I can’t prove it. I have no other numbers other than ratings are down there and ratings are up for the news networks.”
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ROB DIBBLE – 11/1/16
Former MLB pitcher

“I think the indians end this. They’re 5-1 in the postseason at home. Tomlin just needs to get 15 outs. I see Miller in the game in the sixth inning. If they have the lead, Miller might be in the game in the fifth inning. He might go three. Allen might go two. But I see this ending tonight in Cleveland.”
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WILL BRINSON – 11/1/16
CBS Sports NFL writer

“This is just a harebrained idea, but what might be happening is the NFL got some mud on its face for the Josh Brown incident and is saying, ‘All right, maybe we should be a little more patient with these things moving forward because clearly we haven’t learned our lesson two times; maybe the third time we’ll learn our lesson.’ I just think maybe they’re trying to tap the breaks and not jump to any conclusions because jumping to conclusions has gotten them in hot water with the public in the last few incidents when it comes to how they’re handling these investigations. I guess give them credit for that, but it is a little mysterious that it is taking this much longer when Zeke Elliott has been cleared.”
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Former NFL player

“So they’re going to have to try to manage that the best that they can. If they have enough professionals on the field, then they will be able to get through it. If they don’t, then we’ll be able to see it. It will become very evident in the weeks to come.”
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CHRIS HOGAN – 11/3/16
Patriots WR

“I mean, going to the Patriots is a dream-come-true kind of job for me. Just that culture that they’ve created over there is awesome. Everyone loves playing for (Bill Belichick) and he brings out the best out of everybody. I’m having the time of my life playing for the Patriots.”
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ISIAH THOMAS – 11/3/16

“Back then, it was all about sharing, and he was the one that started putting up 30, 32 shots a night. People were arguing and debating if you could win a championship that way. Well, he proved them wrong because he won six that way.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I don’t think Chip Kelly will be pushed out by any stretch, but where will his head be (about returning to the college ranks) come January? Jacksonville, I can’t imagine that there’s not sweeping changes there. The only question is does it include the entire front office or not?”
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BILL HANCOCK – 11/4/16
College Football Playoff executive director

“I think we’re having a great season. I think we got off to a great start that first weekend, and things keep happening. The Clemson/Florida State game was intriguing last weekend. Obviously Nebraska/Wisconsin was off the charts in just how fascinating it was. Every weekend you have to pay attention because something wild is going to happen.”
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