While playing against the Bills in Buffalo this past Sunday, Chris Hogan endured perhaps the oddest experience of his football career: A sexual object was thrown onto the field, and it came dangerously close to Hogan’s head.

Not surprisingly, Hogan’s friends had some fun with that one.

“Let’s just say I’m in a few group chats with all my buddies from college and high school, and there was a couple of days of just non-stop text messages,” the Patriots wide receiver said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “They were just getting on me.”

At first, Hogan, who had four catches for 91 yards and a touchdown in New England’s 41-25 win, had no idea what the object was.

“I thought someone had thrown a flag on the field, and we were trying to figure out what was going on,” Hogan said. “But it didn’t take me long to figure out what exactly had been thrown on the field, and it was kind of like, all right, (that’s) a little ridiculous.”

Do you want to know what else is ridiculous? Hogan’s path to the NFL. The 28-year-old played three years of lacrosse at Penn State, but never played a down for the football team. He spent time with four different NFL organizations from 2011-15 before signing with New England in March. He has 19 catches for 391 yards and two touchdowns on the season.

“It’s awesome,” Hogan said of playing for New England. “I mean, going to the Patriots is a dream-come-true kind of job for me. Just that culture that they’ve created over there is awesome. Everyone loves playing for (Bill Belichick) and he brings out the best out of everybody. I’m having the time of my life playing for the Patriots.”

It’s especially surreal catching passes from Tom Brady, who has completed 73.1 percent of his passes for 1,319 yards and 12 touchdowns in four games since returning from suspension. The Patriots are 4-0 with Brady, winning by an average of 16.3 points.

If Brady experienced any rust, it hasn’t shown in the box scores – or on film.

“It seemed like he had been practicing and it seems like he had been doing it for the last four weeks – which I’m sure he was somewhere,” Hogan said of Brady’s return. “I’m sure he didn’t take a lot of time off. But he’s the type of guy that comes in and he is 100 percent business. He’s focused and ready to go at all times.”

Hogan was also asked about linebacker Jamie Collins, who was traded to the Browns this week for a third-round pick.

“It definitely was a surprise, but you play long enough in this league, you tend to not get surprised by stuff that goes on,” Hogan said. “There’s always people getting traded and cut. At the end of the day, you kind of move on and you go about your business.”

The Patriots (7-1), who have a bye this week, host Seattle (4-2-1) on Sunday Night Football on Nov. 13. Kickoff is at 8:30 p.m. ET.


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