ROD SMITH – 10/24/16
Former Broncos WR

“All that stuff is great. They got a brand-new offensive line. Those guys are gelling. Offenses take time to gel in the NFL. No matter how good you are at the skill positions, there’s still a timing on offense that’s different on defense. So I believe those guys will come into their own. It’s Week 7 now. After playing together seven regular-season games, you kind of get a good feel of where guys are going to be, what they’re going to do, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and I think they’ll get better tonight.”
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MIKE CHERNOFF – 10/24/16
Indians GM

“We’ve been overcoming a lot of adversity with some of the injuries we faced. We take each game one step at a time, and I think we’ve tried as much as we can to just put aside the whole World Series thing, put aside the whole narrative of some of these storylines, and just focus on winning four more games.”
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MICHAEL IRVIN – 10/25/16

“You beat Green Bay. (What if) you turn around and beat Philadelphia? I still say right now (it’s Tony’s team). Tony knows a little more than Dak knows in that offense. (But when Romo returns), if any ball is thrown to the other color jersey, it’s a wrap. Everybody in Dallas is going to go out of mind, saying ‘Get Dak Prescott back in the game.’ I feel bad for Tony. It’s almost a lose-lose.”
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MIKE POUNCEY – 10/25/16
Dolphins offensive lineman

“The reason I believe that – not only is he a good football player, but I see the work that he puts in Monday through Saturday. A lot of people don’t get to see that. We see what he does day in and day out, week in and week out. He comes in and prepares like a real pro. A lot of fans give him a hard time because they only see (what happens on) Sundays. They don’t see everything else. We really do believe in him. I think that he will take us to the next level. Hopefully it happens this year.”
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CSN Cubs studio analyst

“You got Corey Kluber on the mound, and the idea really still remains that they can’t lose a Kluber start. If they lose a Kluber start, they’re really vulnerable. I think Terry Francona tap-danced around that line a little bit. I was really surprised that Kluber came out after 88 pitches, as dominant as he was, because of the exposure to Andrew Miller. I feel like that might be an advantage (for the Cubs later in the series). We’ll see where it goes. I know he ended up pithing two shutout innings, but he walks two guys, gives up a couple hits and goes 46 pitches last night. (I wonder if) that’ll help the Cubs later down the line.”
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SEKOU SMITH – 10/26/16
NBA TV analyst

“I think we saw (problems) last night with he and Draymond Green kind of going back and forth early in the game when Draymond was arguing with the refs after a missed shot and didn’t get back. San Antonio got three chances at a basket when Draymond was still arguing. Steve Kerr, I’m not a lip reader, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t speaking Spanish when he told him to get up the floor and play some defense.”
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TOPS analyst

“They’re atrocious. When I look at that offensive line, that’s not an offensive line that you can say will get you to the Super Bowl. That’s really what this unit is about. This is not a team where making the playoffs, winning the division, is the goal. They’re talking about winning the Super Bowl. They took a pretty bad beatdown Sunday night (in Arizona). That’s concerning to me. You cannot trot that offensive line out there. They can’t block anybody. Nobody.”
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JAMES LOFTON – 10/27/16
Pro Football Hall of Famer 

“This Jacksonville Jaguars team was the hot team. ‘Oh, they’re going to improve. They’re going to make a playoff run.’ Well, unless they start it tonight and really get hot over the next four or five weeks, it kind of looks bleak there. Mariota, I like him also. It’s interesting. I still think in the last couple years – the guys who are 27 or 26 and under – Andrew Luck has really been the standout guy. When you look at a quarterback, you say, ‘He can do all the things if you give him an offensive line.’ I’m not sure if you say that about Mariota and Bortles. Their offensive lines have been pretty good. They all play in that same division. But I’m going with the Pac-12 since I played in the Pac-8.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“It probably means a couple of turnovers, a couple of great throws, a few highlight plays and the Bears ultimately losing. That would be my hunch. He’s coming back against a pretty good defense. The larger reality here is if Hoyer doesn’t break his arm, Cutler probably could have played a week or two ago. Nobody was really in a big hurry to look at his thumb because they were kind of waiting to see is Hoyer going to keep this up? He had four straight 300-yard games, he was playing pretty well in the game he got hurt in and now he’s out at least six weeks after surgery. This was the decision that was made for John Fox, but if Hoyer kept doing what he was doing, this guy (Cutler) would have been holding the clipboard with a good thumb, a bad thumb or a mediocre thumb.”
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MLB Network analyst

“With him throwing the other day in the game – he only threw an inning – but it was enough for me to say, ‘He’s got to throw Game 5 for the Indians.’ And if he does, then they go Kluber 4, Salazar 5, and you’re able to kind of hang in the series. But as we’ve seen, it’s going to be a bullpen game, and really, the Indians’ bullpen may be a little bit deeper than the Cubs. The bridge to Chapman is a lot different than the bridge to Allen because you’ve got Andrew Miller.”
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