It’s time for the weekly Tiki and Tierney 6-Pack of Picks, with Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney each picking six games this weekend – three college and three pro.

Tierney is 23-18-1 on the season, while Barber is 20-19-3.

Looking ahead to this weekend, Barber likes New Orleans (+2.5) against Seattle, Dallas (-4) against Philadelphia, and Atlanta (-3) against Green Bay.

“People are going to say, ‘Are you crazy?’” Barber said of his Saints pick. “The Saints score a lot of points, especially in the Dome. the Seahawks have had some issues scoring points. I think the Saints can get an upset here.”

Barber also likes Auburn (-4) at Ole Miss, Texas Tech (+9.5) at TCU, and is taking the over on Navy at South Florida (65).

Tierney, meanwhile, likes New England (-5) at Buffalo, Minnesota (-4.5) at Chicago, and is taking the over in Oakland at Tampa Bay (49). He also likes Michigan State (+24.5) against Michigan, Wisconsin (-9.5) against Nebraska, and is taking the over in West Virginia at Oklahoma State (65).

“Now you could say because of the way the game ended last year that Jim Harbaugh is going to look to bury them,” Tierney said, referring to last year’s blocked-punt touchdown on the final play. “Okay, true, but you give me a rivalry game like this – they have not had a spread like this since ’97. I’m taking Michigan State and I’m taking almost 25 points and I’m hoping for an early score. I’m hoping for something whacky. I’ll take my chances. Almost 30 points in this rivalry? You got to take it.”


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