P.J. FLECK – 10/17/16
Western Michigan head coach

“I’m one of those guys that’s just, you’re just a runt. I grew up a runt. I always had to do things a little bit different, a little bit harder of a way, but I got to be me. The people I’ve surrounded myself with, they shaped my life and they’re who I am today. I’m constantly growing, constantly changing, but those people set the avenue and gave me opportunities and saw something in me – or I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
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NFL analyst

“A defense that once put a lot of pressure on people and allowed the Packers to play from ahead. Now they’re not really doing that anymore. Now you find yourself having to have ball control, having to eat up clock, having to score points every time you’re in the red zone, and it just seems to be tougher than in years past. An inconsistent running game and an inconsistent offensive line has really put a lot of pressure on Aaron Rodgers and he’s just not ringing the bell.”
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ADAM ZUCKER – 10/18/16
CBS College Football host

“And in the end, if Oklahoma and Texas don’t want to do something, the little guys can’t do anything about it because Texas would have an invite from probably every power conference but the SEC. Oklahoma could go with them out West like we thought they might have a few years ago. The Big Ten could take them. The ACC could take Texas. The ACC could take Kansas, if the ACC wanted to go super giant, that is. But the other teams such as Kansas State, Iowa State, Texas Tech – they have to be worried that things just stay at 10 and don’t go down. Because if it goes down, then they’re just dead, and maybe they’re joining the American. So in the end, I wasn’t surprised. It was very public and I thought very weird that they were doing all these video conferences and whatnot. I’d rather just find out when it’s over.”
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MO VAUGHN – 10/18/16
Former MLB All-Star

“Tom Kelly told me he’d never be a major leaguer and he got traded, and he has gone to take Boston by storm. He’s played consistently well. Everything that he’s got, he’s worked for. And you know what the besting about it is? He’s not an original guy, but he’s been there so long and been so consistent that everybody treats him like that. He takes no backseat to Brady, to Yas, to Ted Williams, to Esposito or Orr. He’s right there at the table. Boston sports is Boston sports, but there’s nothing bigger than Boston baseball and he’s got three world championships. I’m happy for him.”
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DAN FOUTS – 10/19/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“This is a tough game. The field is 100 yards long and you’re giving the other team 15 yards. That’s a first-down-and-a-half. You don’t want to say I’m not going to throw you the ball – because if I did throw you the ball, you may go all the way for a touchdown – so it is a delicate situation, there’s no question.”
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SHANE BATTIER – 10/19/16
Former NBA forward

“Peer pressure is the greatest force – I would say greater than coaching – in a locker room. You guys know this: Athletes are really insecure individuals, actually. Their biggest fear is being the outlier and being different from everybody else. When you have a group of knuckleheads and you are Mr. Joe Team and running over walls for the team, you look like an idiot. So the tendency is I’m not going to go all out for my team because I look like an idiot. Well, the same thing happens on great teams. When you have a team like the Spurs with Duncan, Ginobili and Parker, you look like an idiot if you’re a knucklehead. If your culture is strong, if your top three or four guys are strong, everyone else falls in line because no one wants to look like an idiot.”
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Chiefs LB

“We’re used to that. We’re going to fly under the radar hopefully, but we know we’ll get as much attention as we need the more we win and the more division wins we get or (when we) get into the playoffs.”
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JAY FEELY – 10/20/16
Former NFL kicker

“Part of the rationale for keeping him and re-signing him was the conversation that they had with him, the knowledge that they had. So if he wasn’t honest with them, if that revelation is something new, then I probably think they do make a decision to cut him.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“Ben McAdoo is in London saying, ‘Hey, we still support Josh.’ So at some point, the league may have to come in, double jeopardy again like Ray Rice, and hand down another set of discipline, which could open themselves up to a legal fight or what have you. But the league is going to have to figure out a way to keep him off the football field. We’ll see how quickly they determine that.”
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Former MLB All-Star

“Then you’re trying to go back to what you knew. Then the next thing you know, the series is over. The best thing to do is hit the ball line-to-line and not try to pull. When you try to pull in the playoffs, that’s when you’re going to have a hard time because you’re facing No. 1s and No. 2s on a consistent basis, and you may get a No. 3, depending on the staff. But when you get pull happy trying to hit home runs, great pitchers try to keep the ball off the barrel of the bat. So you have to take what they give you and let the game come to you. That way it slows down.”
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