SHAUN O’HARA – 10/10/16
NFL Network analyst

“They have the time and the respect with Tony, so I’m sure that they have the friendships and they want to see Tony back there and they want to see him healthy. But listen, this is a rhythm game. This is a momentum game. I think with what Dak Prescott has done, obviously the run game is a huge factor. They’ve got the No. 1 ranked rushing offense right now. Ezekiel Elliott is everything he advertised he would be. So I think right now if you’re an O-Lineman, you’re say, ‘Hey, we don’t care who’s playing quarterback. As long as you’re not throwing four interceptions, if we keep running the rock, we’ll be fine.’ But it’s going to be a tough situation.”
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DANNY WHITE – 10/10/16
Former Cowboys QB

“I really do. I think Tony would be understanding. As long as he gets paid, he’s going to play whatever role is given to him. That’s the Tony Romo I know. But who knows? Who knows for sure? I spent probably about a half hour just sitting down in the training room with Tony and he is anxious to get back. Everybody is saying – and all the management is saying – this is still Tony’s team. I suspect that that’s what will happen. The problem is that the pressure on Tony, if Dak continues to play the way he’s playing, the pressure on Tony is going to be incredible. But I think right now if Romo were healthy, he would play.”
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SEC on CBS PxP announcer

“When would it be appropriate (to leave)? I got this amazing award in New York in May, the Lifetime Achievement Award. Sean and I talked after that night. He presented me that night. It was just one of (the most) memorable nights that I’ve ever, ever had. I thought, ‘That might be a nice way to begin (my final year).’ And this is not a victory lap, but (it’s a way) to bring all of this to a terrific close.”
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GREGG OLSON – 10/11/16
Former MLB pitcher

“There’s no motivation, there’s no adrenaline. I was just getting in my work. I was just kind of muddling through my work and trying to make good pitches away and he kept making me deep. So here comes the fast ball in, I’m going to break your bat. Now quit doing what you’re doing. He was just a rookie. I don’t know if it was his first camp, but he’s just doing what he’s doing.”
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ESPN college football analyst

“I would start with Lamar Jackson. I think he’s doing some things that we have not seen done in a long time. He is as dynamic in the open field as any quarterback that I’ve seen. A lot of people are talking about a Michael Vick type of guy when he gets out in the open field. He’s been a unique story this year. After that, I think it’s wide open.”
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CHARLES DAVIS – 10/12/16
FOX Sports NFL analyst

“Blaine Gabbert has athletic ability, but he has never in his career flashed any type of consistency that says he’s a guy that should be under center for 16 games starting. Did he have some problems in Jacksonville that weren’t all his fault? Of course. He was playing behind not a very good team, they didn’t build well around him, and some guys never come out of that very well. But he’s had other opportunities and he’s never really seized it and just (said), ‘Okay, let’s go.’ You see flashes, but you don’t see consistency. So you’ve got to try this with Kap.”
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NBA legend

“I think a lot of times he’s been unfairly judged. But just to let people know, this guy has a whole lot left in the tank. He’s still very athletic, he’s a very good defensive player, he’s still getting over 12 or 13 rebounds a game and he has a chance of getting 15 to 18 points a night. Those are pretty solid numbers – All-Star numbers – in today’s world. So he’s going to be a great addition for our team, and I’m excited about having him on our team. But a lot of times, he gets unfairly judged.”
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ANTREL ROLLE – 10/13/16
Former NFL safety

“You have to really understand his message. Nothing is against the troops. He values the troops, he salutes the troops and he made that firm statement that this has nothing at all to do with the people that fight for our country. This is about what’s taking place in society today. So if you have a problem with that, obviously your eyes are closed. Or maybe you’re with the cops. Who knows? But I would never, ever be in that boat.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“Wes Welker got another shot, right? Nobody thought that was coming. Everyone has sort of their own conscience, both from a medical standpoint and from a football standpoint and a strategic-roster standpoint. It’s a free-market economy. If he is able to be cleared, if your doctors can rightfully clear him and you have a need at a certain position, I don’t think this is a situation where you could ever say a guy can’t play (after a certain number of concussions). People’s brains heal differently. They’ve worked all their lives for this, and this how they feed their families. It’s an individual decision, it’s a medical decision and it’s a business decision. I don’t know that there’s cut and dry numbers.”
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DAVE REVSINE – 10/14/16
Big Ten Network analyst

“Two years ago, they beat Michigan – so it’s not like they’re completely incapable of playing decent football. They had a stretch where I think they made nine bowl games in 10 years. Look, they’re in a  really bad spot right now. The last two weeks have been embarrassing, but I think you have to look at this as let’s see where they are five years from now.”
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