Now that Dak Prescott has led Dallas to four straight victories, the Cowboys – regardless of what they’re saying now – might have a tough choice to make in a couple of weeks when Tony Romo is healthy.

Jerry Jones insists that Romo is still the team’s No. 1 quarterback, but ultimately, which one will start for Dallas?

“Well, that seems to be the $64-million question,” former Cowboys quarterback Danny White said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Now, we got a ways to go and a lot can happen. He’s going to face some of his toughest opposition with Green Bay and Philadelphia coming up. The schedule has been very friendly to a quarterback starting his career, so it’s a little bit premature. But if Tony were healthy today, that’s why they pay Jason Garrett the big bucks – to make those kind of decisions. And it would be a tough one because this team is playing very, very well and it’s not so much what Dak has done; it’s what he hasn’t done.”

What he hasn’t done is thrown an interception. Prescott has competing 69.0 percent of his passes for 1,239 yards and four touchdowns, while taking just seven sacks. He’s also rushed for three touchdowns.

“For a rookie to come in and play five games and not throw an interception is remarkable,” White said. “But it doesn’t stop there. It’s not just what he does on the field; the players have embraced him. He’s got a presence in the locker room that’s quiet and yet commanding, and on the field, as the whole world has seen, he’s got the demeanor of a 10-year veteran. He’s cool in the pocket. He moves around, but he doesn’t take off with the ball and run with it. He’s constantly looking to throw the ball down the field – he’s just got it all. You keep looking for some kind of chink in his armor and there’s not. When you talk to the guy, everything is yes sir, no sir. (He’s) very, very respectful of authority. He’s almost too good to be true. And to think that the Cowboys kind of picked him by default because they didn’t want him in the beginning. They were after some other guys and it was amazing. . . . Sometimes you just have to get lucky, and they did.”

While White believes Romo would handle a demotion as well as possible, he believes Romo will start when healthy.

“Knowing Tony, I think in the spirit or what’s going on right now with this team and the way they’re playing, I think he’d be okay with that,” White said. “I really do. I think Tony would be understanding. As long as he gets paid, he’s going to play whatever role is given to him. That’s the Tony Romo I know. But who knows? Who knows for sure? I spent probably about a half hour just sitting down in the training room with Tony and he is anxious to get back. Everybody is saying – and all the management is saying – this is still Tony’s team. I suspect that that’s what will happen. The problem is that the pressure on Tony, if Dak continues to play the way he’s playing, the pressure on Tony is going to be incredible. But I think right now if Romo were healthy, he would play.”


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