DABO SWINNEY – 10/3/16
Clemson head coach

“We just put all three phases together and we kept (Jackson) at bay. For us, we knew that we would be the best front he had seen. We felt like we could do a much better job of keeping him in the pocket a little bit. . . . When we watched those previous few games that they played, I told our guys, ‘Hey, they made a lot of layups. There were some guys running wide open. We got to take the lay-ups away and we got to make him make some three-pointers with a hand in his face. This is a special guy here, and if you give him a bunch of lay-ups and let him get in rhythm, you’re in trouble.’”
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AMY TRASK – 10/3/16
TOPS analyst

“Every head coach has areas in which they are better than others. Hue Jackson is just an incredible play-caller and really does take whatever talent he’s handed and maximizes it. . . . Right now, he is holding together that Cleveland roster with duct tape and bandages. The roster had a number of holes going into the season and, now with the injuries incurred, even more holes. So if Sashi Brown and (Paul) DePodesta give him a roster which is at all remotely competitive, I think the Cleveland Browns can be on the right track for a while.”
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JIM KELLY – 10/4/16

“Sammy Watkins, his main target, is done for I don’t know how long, but it does help to have a guy like McCoy in the backfield to help out. You got to have that run-pass ratio. I had Thurman Thomas; he has LeSean McCoy, so that definitely helps. He’s got a great long ball. This is really only his second year. I keep my patience, but so far I like what I see.”
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Yankees legend

“I would assume that it would be easy for players (to get PEDs if they wanted them). You can get anything you want. You can get access to anything that you need, and people are more than happy to provide it for you. But to be quite frank, I didn’t think it affected the way that I played the game. What’s the difference in me between hitting a double off the wall and hitting it out? I was not going to hit that many home runs, and I really tried to hit them when they counted.”
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PETER KING – 10/5/16
The MMQB guru

“If you were to tell me that Gronkowski is going to be healthy and he’s going to play 65 snaps this week in Cleveland, then I would tell you I really like Brady to come out and win 38-10 and all is right with the Patriots’ world. But if you can’t tell me that, then I’m going to say obviously I like the Patriots to win. I like the Patriots to win by probably a lot. But they’re an absolute different team when Rob Gronkowski either is invisible or not used.”
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Former MLB All-Star

“When you have David Ortiz having the best year of his career in his last year, you got (Hanley) Ramirez, you got (Dustin) Pedroia back and (Xander) Bogaerts and (Jackie) Bradley – you got six guys that are having monster years. But I believe that pitching can stop that.”
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UFC middleweight champion

“So there’s this history there, the fans wanted it, there was a big public outcry to see this fight, so here we are. I better be careful. When you fight Dan Henderson, he’s got this big right hand, but I’ve got the skills. So make no mistake: I’m planning on knocking this guy out. As I said, I owe him one.”
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Boston Globe columnist

“I was taken aback by that. In my view, it was a presidential pardon, and I just thought now they’re deciding and telling us which guys are the good guys. He was on a list, and the only other names that came out on that list were Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez and Sammy Sosa. There was no forgiveness for any of them. But they’re now in a position where the commissioner is telling us, ‘Well, just remember, this guy’s god. He’s okay. He doesn’t (belong) with those other dirt bags.’ I thought it was way over the top.”
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RICH GANNON – 10/6/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“The offensive line was awful, they couldn’t run the football, they didn’t have any speed on the perimeter at wide receiver – and this kid still flung it around. I was really impressed with him. The other thing was the toughness. He’s willing to sit in there and take a hit.”
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ISAIAH BROCK – 10/7/16
Former army veteran

“No I wouldn’t say it is hard to interact with them they actually prefer to interact with me and they want hear all of my experiences. I’m willing to tell them because most people don’t get the chance to experience that.”
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CHIP BROWN – 10/7/16
Horns Digest Longhorns writer

“I think they respect Fenves and his office — they have not come out and said it directly — but his office is giving the directive that there will be no in-season firing and I think that that will hold. I think that Charlie will get the season and I think that if somehow he can get to eight wins he keeps his job.”
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