The NCAA has declared former Army veteran, Isaiah Brock, ineligible to play during the 2016-17 college basketball season. Brock has a spot on the Oakland University basketball team. Tiki and Tierney got the chance to speak with him on this ruling.

“Basically, I just can’t play because of my high school transcripts. Clearly, I didn’t meet the NCAA requirements to be eligible to play and that was four years ago. That is why they are not letting met play.”

Brock has appealed the ruling and must wait now until the NCAA makes their decision on the matter. He has written multiple letters trying to explain to the NCAA why he didn’t do so well in high school. He tries to tell them about why he didn’t do so well in high school.

Brandon Tierney reads a quote from Brock, “I told them that I was immature in high school and that I needed to develop as a man and the Army changed me.”

“To me that is flat out offensive, if I put my soul out there and I tell a boardroom of adults that should know better yeah I wasn’t that serious in high school, but this changed my life. To have that rejected I would take that incredibly personal.”

Oakland University Head Coach Greg Kampe met with Brock during a trip to Kuwait for a program called Troops First. Brock is only allowed to practice with the team, but is not allowed to play. Kampe is going to push Brock on the court and he is ready for that.

“I’m definitely ready to take any heat. The military has definitely prepared me for that.”

As far as what Brock can bring to the team, he believes he can bring some leadership and motivate them everyday. He is from Baltimore, Maryland and lives on the campus of Oakland University. Tierney asks if it is hard to interact with students on campus because of his experience.

“No I wouldn’t say it is hard to interact with them they actually prefer to interact with me and they want hear all of my experiences. I’m willing to tell them because most people don’t get the chance to experience that.”


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