CARL PAVANO – 9/26/16
Marlins analyst

“He had a maturity that was well beyond his years. He’s still 24 and still had growing up in other ways to do, but all those things would come. But his maturity for life and competition and being a good teammate, those are things that you just saw on a day-to-day basis.”
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NICK FALDO – 9/26/16
PGA golfer

“His dad was in the steel mills. Look at the photographs. He literally rolled his sleeves up and went and played. He’s got huge strong arms and he played with that strength. Those photographs, those black-and-whites form the ’60s when everybody is in the same sunglasses, he’s on his follow through, everybody’s watching the ball fly – they’re going to be iconic. That’s what he did. He brought the game to the masses.”
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MIKE HAYNES – 9/27/16

“I don’t really know if it makes a difference. I think that might make that guy become prominent. If he believes it wholeheartedly the way that Colin does, then I think that does make a difference. It’s a difficult issue for people to see. I realize that because I talk to people all the time and they don’t see what I see. It’s happening. It’s been happening.”
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UFC fighter

“Ali/Frazer was here. Boxers always talk about fighting here. Now MMA guys are going to get a chance to make our own history in the building. It’s huge. The fans are definitely going to come out in droves, I think, for this one. It should sell out pretty quickly.”
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Utah head coach

“We’re coming off a pretty good couple of years: 9-4 two years ago, 10-3 last year and of course we’re off to a good start this year. So I think it’s a process. We’re doing everything we can to continue to be competitive in this league, and I think that ultimately is what builds your brand – winning over a long stretch of time.”
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CHAD KELLY – 9/28/16
Ole Miss QB

“I got one in the bathroom, the laundry room, downstairs in the living room, that I look at every day and it’s doing the right thing, whether it’s on the field, off the field. Wherever I’m at, I have to make sure I’m doing the right things. Everything will be multiplied by 100 whatever you do, whatever it’s good or bad. So you just got to keep focused, stay humble and keep working hard.”
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“As time went on, if you do three years, which is what I did, by that time you know everybody and the writers know you. They even know a lot about your background, so they’ll introduce stuff into the character that was part of your background. I wrote a series of books about Star Trek and Captain Kirk after . . . they changed the cast to the next generation. They allowed me to write a half a dozen books using my own life in an autobiographical sense on Captain Kirk. So the things that happened to me in life, I foisted onto Captain Kirk, so my version of Captain Kirk is very much like me.”
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CBS Sports Network analyst

“You talk about how good he looks at times and how easy he makes it look because he is a very, very gifted athlete. When he’s got time in the pocket and rhythm and he knows where he’s going with the football, he throws a nice ball. He can spin it with the best of them. But you go back to what he was initially, and it was a wide receiver. Until he proves that he is a quarterback at this level, I don’t think that defenses are going to respect him from that perspective. I don’t think people are going to give him the respect that maybe he does deserve. I think until he starts having success, people are always going to bring up that fact that he really was a wide receiver when he went to college.”
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DENNIS DODD – 9/30/16 college football columnist

“They don’t play a road game until next week – and that’s at Rutgers. So I think they’re very, very good, (but) Wisconsin has the ability to beat them. I’m not taking anything away from last year. I thought Harbaugh did a great job. I don’t think he had the roster to win 10 games, (but) he won 10 games. He’s a fantastic coach. But let’s see them actually get smacked in the mouth, which (hasn’t happened) yet this year. They will (Saturday). So let’s see.”
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