It’s time for the weekly Tiki and Tierney 6-Pack of Picks, with Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney each picking six games this weekend – three college and three pro. Tierney, thanks to a 5-1 performance last week, is 13-5 on the season, while Barber, at 9-7-2, has some catching up to do.

Looking ahead to this weekend, Barber likes Arizona (-7.5) against Los Angeles, Washington (-7.5) against Cleveland, and is taking the over in Detroit/Chicago (48). He also likes Nebraska (-20) against Illinois, Texas A&M (-17.5) at South Carolina, and is taking the over in Wisconsin/Michigan (44.5).

“Wisconsin/Michigan is one of those great ones,” Barber said. “God, I can’t even decide who I think is going to win, so I’m not going to pick who’s going to win. But I think they’ll score a lot of points. Michigan scored 63, 51, 45 and 49 in their first four games. The over-under is 44.5. I’m definitely taking the over.”

Tierney likes the Jets (+2.5) against the Seahawks, Atlanta (+3) against Carolina, and is taking the over in Denver/Tampa (43).

“Let me get this straight,” Tierney said, referring to his Jets. “A pretty talented team – although Decker is banged up; that could be a problem – getting almost a field goal at home after they got their asses whipped the last week? Yeah, they’ll be ready to go. This is pretty much a must-win. You fall to 1-3, you got problems. I love – love – the Jets getting two-and-a-half.”

Tierney also likes TCU (+3.5) against Oklahoma, Akron (-7) at Kent State, and is taking the under in UCF/East Carolina (61).


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