JASON COLE – 9/19/16
Bleacher Report NFL reporter

“The owner has a place and it’s a very important place. I’m not trying to diminish the person who writes the checks, no question about it. But they have a very specific place that doesn’t include too much interference in football ops. That has to be handled by the coaches and the general manager. You hope that they learn and understand that eventually and learn it sooner than later. Ultimately, though, especially with modern owners that I watch, they interfere far too long and (with) far too much. But there is no position more important than owner of an NFL team. if the owner gets it and understands it and knows how to guide the ship – but not necessarily steer it and take control of it – that’s usually a smoothly run organization. That’s where you saw John Mara, the Rooneys, the Krafts – they understand where they belong in the operation and where the line is between them and football operations.”
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HOUSTON NUTT – 9/20/16
CBS college football analyst

“But here’s what happens: They’re gaining ground each and every week. The schedule is laid out for them. They’re going to be 7-0. If you go down that schedule the next few weeks, I really feel like they’ll get to 6-0 or 7-0, and then you never know (what can happen) as they gain confidence. Things are laid out for them pretty good schedule-wise. So watch out. You never know. You may say it’s a year away because they’re missing a couple athletes, but we all know that ball bounces funny.”
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JIM HARBAUGH – 9/20/16
Michigan head coach

“We don’t even look at it like recruiting; we look at it like you’re out there mining for gold. You’re looking for the best of the best, both student in the classroom and on the football field. It’s one of the best parts of the job. I love it, getting to go around the country and meet families and see how strong football is in communities across the country. So yeah, we really enjoy it. I can tell you this: Football is getting stronger and it’s getting better. People love the game of football across the country.”
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TOM HERMAN – 9/21/16
Houston head coach

“I think each and every job that does come open, they’re looking for different things. Some people are looking for regional ties. Some people are looking for an old, experienced guy. Some people are looking for a young, up-and-comer. Some are looking for great recruiters. Some are looking for great Xs-and-Os guys. Some want defense. Some want offense. So I think it’s very specific for each and every position that comes open. And that’s, again, kind of the nature of the business. You never know what any of these administrations are looking for when those jobs do come open.”
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JERRY WEST – 9/21/16
NBA legend, Warriors executive

“It was not something we would ever do. Most of the guys who played, they had to work in the offseason to support their families. So the professionalism of the league has gone so much farther. The coaching, they identify kids very early. They’re in programs where they’re playing basketball all year long. So we get a better player, we certainly get a more athletic player and we get players that are better coached. To me, when I looked back, I wished I had the ability to learn how to lift weights. It’s something that would have helped me for sure. And also, even a diet that all teams ascribe to – and particularly the players that play the game at a high level.”
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TIM COUCH – 9/21/16
Former NFL QB

“I got beat up a lot. It’s a tough thing to do to a young quarterback, to kind of throw him out there when you don’t have the supporting cast in place to go out and be successful. That may be what they’re doing with Jared Goff a little bit. I’m sure some of it has to do with his development. But I think some of it has to do with they realize they’re not very good offensively right now. They haven’t scored a touchdown in the first two weeks of the season. So I think they’re trying to bring him along slowly, not put him in there where he gets beat up and sacked a lot and try to put him in in a situation where he can come out and have a little bit of success and they don’t break his confidence too early.”
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JAMES CONNER – 9/22/16
Pitt RB

“Anything I need, I can go to them. But with this, there’s nothing they can do. None of them were doctors. So just calling them and telling them, breaking the news, they’re crying and stuff. They’re big tough guys, but they just told me, ‘You know what you have to do. You got to fight through it. You know it’s going t be okay.’ They basically just told me I got to get through it. That’s all they can do. Telling all my teammates was very difficult because I’m their leader. When they see their leader going down, it was very tough breaking the news to them. But it had to be done.”
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TOM RINALDI – 9/22/16
ESPN reporter

“At the end of the day, two things are most compelling to me to cover: greatness, and the line between living and dying. Fortunately the latter is not all I do, but I do a lot of stories that do explore that line. The Red Bandanna certainly does probably to a deeper degree than any story I’ve ever told, but greatness is compelling in nearly every way. From Serena to Usain Bolt to LeBron to Coach K to Saban to Jeter to Kobe – all the people I’ve had an opportunity to sit down with – it’s such a lottery-winning gig. It just is.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I’m not saying Greg Roman is the most creative guy in the world, but you’ve got to look at the hand he’s dealt. Sammy Watkins is a guy who, for a four-week period, can look as good as any receiver in the league (and then doesn’t play for the next four weeks). Look at the rest of that receiving core. Fire all the Greg Romans you want. Your roster is no good.”
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JOHN MCCLAIN – 9/23/16
Houston Chronicle NFL writer

“Bill Belichick showed again why he is a first-blot Hall of Fame coach whenever he retires. Another magnificent coaching job. The one at Arizona to start the season was as good as I’ve ever seen. And this one, winning at Gillette Stadium, they’re 27-2 going in (over) their last 29, and that was with Brady. I think Belichick is like 14-5 without Brady, so they did a great game plan. They dominated the Texans in every phase.”
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