Former NFL QB

“I think he might have been the surprise of the week. Since his rookie year, when I first saw him play, (I thought), ‘This kid’s got it.’ They did a heck of a job when they were scouting quarterbacks a couple of years ago. To go at Arizona, one of the best teams in the NFL, a very good defense, a high-scoring offense, and (to) play that well, (it was impressive).”
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A.J. GREEN – 9/13/16
Bengals WR

“In all the divisions, there’s always that one team that’s always the heated rival because we’re both so good. But the biggest thing we got to do is we got to keep our poise. We can’t get caught up in what we did in the Wild Card game last year. That cost us the game. This year, we’re more mature. If we keep our poise, I think we’ll be fine.”
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UFC fighter

“I would have knocked him out and then knocked Takeya out. It’s unprofessional, but at the same (time), they better match this fight up. If there’s one or two more incidents where we run into each other backstage, it’s not going to be just words, especially with him. I’m a fighter. He’s not. He’s an athlete. There’s a lot of athletes in this sport and not enough fighters. I’m a fighter. I’m a born fighter, and he’s not faced anyone like me. I could feel that fear.”
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CBS Sports NFL analyst

“You say, ‘Josh, you got this guy. Everywhere, anywhere on the field, somebody else is going to have to beat us.’ But you can’t let Antonio Brown go out and get (126 yards) and two TDs. That makes no sense. . . . I think Breeland is a good cornerback. He’s a very competitive young guy, but he’s still a young guy. You want your best on their best. To pay him that kind of money and not have him shadow the No. 1 receiver, that’s unacceptable.”
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KEVIN HARLAN – 9/14/16
CBS Sports and Westwood One voice

“This is my 32nd year of broadcasting the NFL, and I love the game and I respect the game. If that would have happened in a tie game, fourth quarter, on national radio . . . I probably would have engaged Kurt Warner in talking about strategy or what’s happened so far and let the cops do what they did. But the game lacked any sizzle. That really was about the most intriguing, compelling thing (that happened).”
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TOMMY BOWDEN – 9/15/16
ACC Network analyst

“I think it’ll be a close game – the biggest game in history at Louisville. GameDay has never been there, it’s a basketball state. Louisville is going to start fast, they’ll be on fire. But I just think overall, Deondre Francois is really, really talented.”
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Jets WR

“The downside is you play on Sunday and you have to turn around fast and play on Thursday. But the upside is you get 10 days before your next game so you have lots of time to prepare, lots of time to recover from that short week. So you kind of look forward to that.”
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EDDIE GEORGE – 9/16/16
Former Ohio State standout

“If you’re not Bill Belichick, I think every coach deserves to have an opportunity. Jeff, if you look at his body of work, it’s filled with a lot of 8-8 (seasons). A couple of winning seasons here and there. But his philosophy, what he’s been able to do, what he’s proven over time, it can happen. What he inherited at the Rams was not a great situation. The quarterback situation has been unstable for quite some time. He’s had to retool and rebuild the defense. The drafts that he’s had since he’s been there have been pretty phenomenal with Tavon Austin and Todd Gurley. Once they shore up and find that playmaker at the quarterback position, this team can really get on a run. Listen, guys, we’re in Week 1.”
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