It’s Week 2 of the weekly Tiki and Tierney 6-Pack of Picks, with Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney picking six football games this weekend – three college, three pro.

Barber likes Green Bay (-2) at Minnesota and is taking the under in Seahawks/Rams (38) and the over in Saints/Giants (53).

“Sorry, Vikings, Green Bay is going to spoil (the stadium opening),” Barber said. “Sam Bradford is still getting up to speed, and AP – I don’t want to say he’s lost it, but people have maybe figured out that if you load the box and leave it on the quarterback to beat you, you got a chance. Green Bay looked really good in Week 1, even though they were in a little bit of a runout with the Jacksonville Jaguars. I’m going to take Green Bay giving up two points.”

Barber also likes Penn State (-9) against Temple, Florida (-36) against North Texas, and Oregon (+3) at Nebraska.

Tierney, meanwhile, likes San Francisco (+13) at Carolina, Detroit (-6) against Tennessee, and Denver (-6) against Indianapolis.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I am. I’m taking the Niners getting 13 points,” Tierney said. “The 49ers’ defense is good. Bowman is good. Reid is good. Bethea is good. Ahmad Brooks is still pretty good. Armstead, the young kid, is still pretty good. They got some players, man. I’m just going to roll the dice. An early touchdown, an early field goal, they can run the ball somewhat to bleed out the clock – I know Carolina’s defense is great. But 13 points on Sunday? This is not college. These are professionals. I’m going to go with the Niners getting 13. We’ll see what happens.”

Tierney also likes Virginia (+5) at Connecticut and is taking the under in Texas/Cal (81) and the over in Florida Atlantic/Kansas State (49).


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