Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney took Trent Dilfer to task Thursday, this after Dilfer slammed Colin Kaepernick’s national-anthem protest with nonsensical and offensive rhetoric.

“For a pretty smart guy, this is really one of the dumbest, most shallow comments I’ve heard or read in awhile from somebody I respect,” Tierney said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney.

Dilfer criticized Kaepernick for his protest, saying “he chooses a time where all of a sudden he became the center of attention.”

That claim has no basis in reality.

“Colin Kaepernick did not want to become the center of attention,” Barber said. “He was sitting between two water bottles quietly without anyone paying attention protesting the national anthem and the flag. Steve Wyche asked him about it, and he answered him truthfully and it became a huge issue.”

Dilfer went on to say that Kaepernick’s protest “disrupted the organization” and “has caused friction and torn at the fabric of the team.”

That claim, Barber quickly pointed out, “makes zero sense” and runs completely counter to what happened in the ensuing weeks.

“They actually galvanized around Colin Kaepernick,” Barber said. “It didn’t tear the team apart. By the way, in Week 1 – against the Los Angeles Rams, albeit – they beat the crap out of the team that they played. they played fantastic defensively and won 28-0. So what the hell are you talking about, Trent Dilfer? I know what you’re talking about. Trent Baalke is your boy in some way and you’re trying to get his message out, which is not fair to Colin Kaepernick. More importantly, it’s not fair to the 49ers, and we know they do this crap. We saw it with Jim Harbaugh when he got his exit.”

Dilfer also said that Kaepernick, as a backup quarterback, should “be quiet and sit in the shadows and get the starter ready to play Week 1.”

“I think he’s wrong (with) what he said, but what I think is offensive is he’s attaching value to messages and voices based on prominence within the team,” Tierney said. “If we did that in society, we would have muted some of the most important voices we ever heard – and that’s a problem.”

It’s also a tad ironic. Think of some of the great NFL analysts. There’s Phil Simms, there’s Jon Gruden, there’s Jim Nantz, there’s Troy Aikman – there’s a lot of people.

“If we want to attach value, well, Trent Dilfer is basically like a backup analyst,” Tierney said. “I know he’s pretty good with quarterbacks and Dilfer’s Dimes and I watch him a lot, and I don’t have any beef with Trent. But on the pecking order of people that really matter talking about the game, he’s very low on the list. Let’s call it for what it is, man. Let’s face it: If Trent Dilfer packs up shop and goes to the beach tomorrow, we won’t miss him. We don’t care if he’s around. We’ll miss Jon Gruden. We’ll miss Phil Simms. We’ll miss Troy Aikman. So, how about this, Trent? You don’t say anything because you really don’t matter and then maybe your theory can then apply to Kaepernick. Otherwise, shut up.”

Barber, meanwhile, simply doesn’t understand why an NFL analyst would claim a locker room is splintering when it isn’t.

“Trent Dilfer is not in that locker room,” Barber said. “Trent Dilfer does not have daily conversations with the 49ers players to (know how they feel). It didn’t show itself on the field Monday. It looked like they were all together, playing great defense, playing some pretty good offense as well against a defensive front seven that we thought was going to dominate them. . . . This is one of the issues, and you know I rail on this. I hate the anonymous source. When I hear that, shut up. Trent (put his name behind it), but someone is telling him that from inside the organization. Trent Dilfer is not in that locker room. For me to sit here and believe what he’s saying, when all evidence points to the contrary, it just rings as odd.”

“Can anybody possibly support Trent here?” Tierney asked. “And if you do, I’d have to question your IQ – even if you are so anti-Kaepernick, even if you don’t like the movement that he’s trying (to advance). But if you are looking at this even remotely objective, Trent Dilfer is 1,000 percent off base. Totally.”


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