Jets WR

“When I see the flag, I see a bunch of fights. It’s what America has overcome, (what) the people have overcome. Whether it’s the Civil Rights Movement back in the ’40s, ’50s and earlier in the 1800s, sex trafficking, sex slavery, immigration law, women’s rights – that flag means so much to so many different people. It’s not about one group. It’s not about black, it’s not about white; it’s about all those fights. I can’t wait to get on Showtime tonight to dive a little deeper there.”
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RANDY CROSS – 9/6/16
CBS Sports college football analyst

“Doesn’t necessarily throw the ball that great. Buechele, the kid, he does everything he’s asked to do. He even runs the ball fairly decent. When you’re blessed with a contrast like that, I think it’s an advantage.”
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NFL HOF offensive lineman

“But maybe we’re good enough to win the Pac-12, hopefully. One of the areas I thought we’d be a lot better was the offensive line. Just about every guy there is a three-year starter. I thought we might be able to run the football, so Max Browne didn’t have a lot of help. He didn’t have protection, (and we) couldn’t run the football.”
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UFC fighter

“I’ve talked to him multiple times. His head coach is real good friends with my head coach. He’s a good guy. I’ve talked to him multiple times. You can tell the guy trains hard. He wants to show people he belongs. I wish him nothing but the best of luck, and I think he’ll do well.”
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TRENT GREEN – 9/8/16
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“I’ve been in locker rooms where it doesn’t matter what position it is, but the quarterback is the one everybody wants to talk about and the quarterback is the one that’s on all the guys’ phones and social media. That’s what the fans are saying. That’s who they’re talking about. It can easily happen. So I just think in order to alleviate that drama, I would be surprised if Hill starts.”
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Bucs DE

“He’s not going to sugarcoat anything. He’s going to tell you what he believes, he’s going to tell you what he thinks, and it’s up for you to dissect his message. A lot of times it’s a good message and he’s really clear on what he’s trying to get across. He’s a competitor and he wants to win. He holds the offense to a high standard. He holds Coach (Mike) Smith, the defensive coordinator, to a high standard. That’s how he really is. He doesn’t necessarily do a lot of talking. He’s just, ‘This is what it’s going to be, and we’re going to get it done. If you ain’t on board, get off the boat.’ That’s how he is and that’s why I love him. He’s a real hard-nosed, straightforward, straight-shooting guy.”
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