ARIEL HELWANI – 8/22/16 UFC reporter

“I think that was Dana’s way of saying, ‘Hey, we’re taking back some of this control.’ The last thing Conor McGregor said at the press conference Saturday was I believe that expletive is going to hit the fan, and that he walked off. That’s pretty telling stuff.”
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Denver Sports 760 reporter

“While he’s looked good and you see flashes and you realize he’s pretty mobile at that size – 6-6, 6-7 – and he’s got a big arm, you want to see him go 1s-vs-1s. Having success against 3s, that’s great, but you’re (not going to see 3s too often during the regular season).”
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RYAN SHAZIER – 8/23/16
Steelers linebacker

“I feel like it’s been getting a lot better. Last year, we had to go through that a lot. I was still young and making the checks and making the calls, so sometimes the older guys would see things a little faster than me. It would take me some time to see it because I’m still trying to understand things and they’re trying to make me check something a little faster than I was comfortable (with).I was still trying to analyze everything. But now I’m starting to see things a lot faster and do things a lot quicker. . . . Once you show them, I think that really helps out a lot also.”
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BEN UTECHT – 8/23/16
Former NFL TE

“My message has always been pro-brain, pro-game. There’s a way that we have to create messaging around elevating the game but doing it the right way. I think if anything really gets me passionate, it’s how can an organization that has created the greatest game on the planet step up (its) integrity and keep making decisions that will help better take care of players’ long-term health?”
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Rams DT

“They’re looking up to par. We’re actually having some real training camp days where the offense gets a couple plays, the defense gets a couple plays, and we’re kind of going tit-for-tat. That just shows us that we’re here to compete on both sides of the ball. I’m really proud of what I see so far.”
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DREW BREES – 8/24/16
Saints QB

“I think as it pertains to commissioner discipline, I think it’s very obvious now that when there’s an investigation and there’s discipline handed down that there needs to be some kind of third-party, neutral person or entity involved so that it’s not decisions being made behind closed doors. (The league says) ’Hey, trust us. (Trust) what we found or the results of this investigation.’ We’ve found that we really can’t trust that.”
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LAMAR MILLER – 8/24/16
Texans QB

“Just coming here, learning a whole new offense and the different schemes – he’s (been working hard) since day one. Just having a guy like that who takes control of the offense and (is) a vocal leader (who) wants to be successful is always good. He put in the work. He’s always in the study room, watching film, and going over different things. That’s always a positive from your quarterback.”
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Dolphins VP of football operations

“When you talk about the league, it’s not about quarterback rehab; it’s quarterback development. These guys are coming from very simplified systems in college and they have to learn very sophisticated offenses. In Ryan’s case, he’s put a lot of good tape out there his first few years. He needs to be more consistent – and that goes for the whole offense, for that matter. Certainly when the games are on the line in the fourth quarter, we got to take advantage of that. We’re encouraged by his career trajectory.”
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Former Charger and current San Diego radio host

“Obviously contract negotiations with the Chargers historically have never (gone) as smoothly as with other teams. This is kind of the normal parlance with the Chargers, and like many other players in that locker room, they had to go through it too, so they’ll be welcoming of him. And you know what negates all these ugly negotiations? Great performance. So if Joey Bosa goes out there and has any sort of a rookie season that people were expecting from a third overall pick, I think all is forgiven.”
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ANDREW LUCK – 8/26/16
Colts QB

“I didn’t play as well as I would have liked to. Obviously I got injured and missed a bunch of time, but I learned from it. I think every year you have to learn and you have to grow and get better. I’m excited for this season. Obviously as a quarterback, you got to be on the field. You’re not helping the team if you’re on the sidelines, so making sure you’re as fit as possible and staying healthy is obviously a big goal.”
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Lions RB

“I used to kick his butt in ping pong every day, so it was different not having him there to kick his butt in ping pong. Other than that, we moved on pretty pretty quickly just because we had to. We had new guys coming in that had to get acclimated to the system.”
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TOM FLORES – 8/26/16
Former Raiders head coach

“He still has to do it and he has to do it consistently, and so far, he’s done it and he’s done it consistently in his first couple years. He’s a very unique individual. When I first saw him, I walked on the practice field and I told the coach, ‘Don’t tell me where he is. Let me find him.’ It didn’t take long. These guys stand out, and he’s been that way ever since he walked through the gates of the Raider facility. Yes, I have to say he is, but having said that, he’s got to continue to do it day in and day out – because that’s the test.”
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