HOWARD ESKIN – 8/15/16
Philadelphia’s 94 WIP host

“He’s got to get protection, like any quarterback, but I think Sam Bradford is better than people give him credit for. Is he a star? No, I don’t think he’s a star, but he does so many things right. Again, it’s got to happen in the game. He played well at the end of last year when he came back, and his team dropped more passes than any other team in football. It’s a joke. They’re wearing gloves. It drives me crazy. How do you miss a ball? I don’t get that.”
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MARY KAY CABOT – 8/15/16
Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns reporter

“When you get demoted to third-team quarterback when you’ve been regarded as a superstar in your career and you’re playing safety on the scout team, yes, that has a tendency to change you – and I do firmly believe that he has been changed. I can see it in things that he’s doing different. He’s sliding, he’s throwing the ball away, and he really is trying to get along with his teammates and plan team outings and things like that. So he’s doing things to back up his words, and I do believe he has changed.”
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FRANK GORE – 8/16/16
Colts RB

“You could tell he missed it. On the practice field every day, he practices like it’s a game. You could tell that he loved the game of football, and I love that. I could tell that last year really hurt him that he couldn’t play with us. When we got back in OTAs, man, it was like he was just happy to be back on the field with us.”
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Ravens RB

“We’ll have everybody healthy. We do have a young team, but we have some great veteran leaders. Steve Smith is one of them. T-Sizzle (Terrell Suggs) is one of them, Joe Flacco – we got leaders. Eric Weddle, a new addition with him in the secondary – we got leaders everywhere to guide the young guys. I’m expecting a big year from us.”
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Patriots DB

“It really came out when we were kind of on our break time, so everyone kind of digested it differently and did it on their own. By the time we came back for training camp, it was just time to go. Guys came in just trying to get ready for the season. I think everyone is ready to step up. Jimmy’s doing well. He has a lot of trust from all his teammates. We’ll just go out there and play football.”
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Host of The Bill Michaels Show

“That’s what they’ve said publicly. The fact that the NFLPA has said it’s up to each individual player at this point – because remember, Clay Matthews wanted to talk to the NFL, and it was the NFLPA that said, ‘No, no no. You’re not going to. Don’t cross the line.’ So right now, my assumption is going to be that Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers are eventually going to talk because they don’t want to be suspended. They don’t want that to happen. This is a team that believes they’re on their way to a championship this year and all the pieces are in the right place. So I get a sense that they’re going to talk, but what I would probably say may change their minds is if there’s a strong feeling inside that locker room that they shouldn’t. . . . But my assumption is that they’re going to talk and I think this is all going to blow over in the next week or so.”
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PETE MUNDO – 8/18/16
Heartland College Sports writer

“I had talked to Colt before we started recording. I said, ‘We’re going to talk about Texas. It’s a Big 12 site. This is why you’re on.’ At that point, he could have said, ‘Listen, I don’t want to talk about the title game.’ He should have said that – because that’s the biggest game of his career to date and he got hurt in it. Why he wouldn’t want to talk about it, I don’t really get.”
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TELVIN SMITH – 8/19/16
Jaguars LB

“They always come out and support, even through the losing seasons. I think that’s what they’re used to. But right now, we’re just going out and understanding that if we start off good, fans, they’re going to start going crazy – just because it’s been that way in Jacksonville. I think they’re kind of on the bubble a little bit. They want to go hard and everybody does have excitement because we do have the players, but they’re waiting to see what we do and we’re waiting to go out and show them what we’ve been doing and putting together.”
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D’MARCO FARR – 8/19/16
Rams analyst

“He’s the guy that finished the year last year and the offense kind of came to life when he was under center, and it made you wonder what would have happened had Case Keenum been the starter in Week 1. Nick Foles, that whole experiment was a bust. It was a disaster. I’ve never seen a quarterback play as bad as Nick Foles did early. I’m not trying to kick him when he’s down, but it’s just true. I’ve never seen a quarterback play that bad. The way Case Keenum finished up last season, he has a chance to start in 2016. But Goff is going to be the guy at some point.”
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