New York Daily News Yankees beat writer

“They never liked Jeter, but they respected him, and when he was going out, there was no question they were going to show that love and that respect. I don’t think that respect is there for Alex. I think their last images of Alex are the fight with Jason Varitek, slapping Bronson Arroyo’s glove – I don’t think they have that same respect for him and I think they will boo him. I think Yankee Stadium will be a love fest on Friday night, but Fenway will boo him.”
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UFC lightweight champion

“But Diaz is a great style matchup for him. The reason he originally picked Diaz is he believed that was a great style matchup for him because Diaz only punches, he don’t kick, he don’t take down – he does everything Conor wants to do. Conor wants to box. He don’t want to be involved in the sport of MMA.”
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Former Chargers great

“They don’t have three or four Pro Bowlers on the defensive side of the ball. They don’t have two or there offensive linemen that are Pro Bowlers and All Pros. They literally went through a phase where they’re bringing in new talent, new people, and Philip (Rivers) is left there (with a lot of moving parts). Philip just really couldn’t showcase who Philip is, and I felt bad for him (during) that time.”
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Former MLB outfielder

“I know his determination and I know his dedication to anything he wants to achieve, he’s going to put in overtime just to do it. . . . That’s what I like about him. If you give me about two months with him, then he will understand everything about hitting as far as your approach, what kind of hitter he is, things that he has to look out for, what pitchers are trying to do. I think if he’s patient with this, he can do it.”
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DUKE TOBIN – 8/10/16
Bengals Director of Player Personnel

“That’s just part of being a good football team. Any good football team feels a sense of urgency, and we feel that. We were disappointed by the events of last year, but we’re not dwelling on it and we’re not hanging our head and we’re not saying what could have been? We’re looking forward to this year and we’ve got a big challenge ahead of us. It’s not easy to get back to the playoffs and we recognize that. So we’ve got a long road before we can exorcise those demons. We’re worried about the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens and such.”
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CHRIS SIMMS – 8/11/16
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“From what I’ve heard, Siemian is edging him out a little. He can throw it, this kid. He’s got a little something to him, so watch out for him. In San Francisco, I think Blaine Gabbert is going to win. First of all, Kaepernick didn’t get to practice all spring in OTAs, minicamp, all those type of things. And I think if you throw Kaepernick out there and it’s not real successful right away, it’ll be the end of Kaepernick in San Francisco.”
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Super Bowl champion

“They still don’t have the supporting cast I think that they need around him, which they’re going to build to, but hopefully Robert can stay healthy. If he can stay healthy, he can learn to play the position out of the pocket, which he has to do. But I hope he has a good year. I’m thinking this will be a year that he reestablishes himself and everybody will start talking about Robert Griffin III the football player as opposed to a former Heisman Trophy winner.”
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K.J. WRIGHT – 8/11/16
Seahawks LB

“You probably don’t like what the guy got to say. You probably want to say something back to him. But if you got something to say, we can talk like men. At the end of the day, I want to let you know what I see and I want you to correct it. So you can get a little heated, but it will blow over and we’re still brothers.”
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Cowboys CEO and Director of Player Personnel

“There’s never been urgency like there is right now in terms of our football team. We really feel great that we put a really solid football team together. Are we strong in every area? No, we’re not. We understand our pass rush needs some help, but we’ve got a great coach there that I think will get the most our of our players. But we also have some areas where I think we’re one of the strongest teams in the league. So we feel good about this team. We think if things fall right we can certainly challenge for a Super Bowl. Obviously that’s our end goal.”
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A-Rod’s publicist

“They don’t hang out per se. Last year, we were at the ESPY’s and Derek was there and they sat together for quite awhile and spoke and hung out at the after party. It’s one of those things. Everybody in the room (was watching them).”
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