SHANE BACON – 8/1/16
Fox Sports golf writer

“He seemed comfortable on the greens. I think the delay actually helped him a little bit. He just leaned on a putter that’s been balky all season long. When you look at Jimmy Walker’s career, especially the last two or three years, he’s won a lot. This is not a guy who’s uncomfortable in that position and that situation. But this year, it’s probably been one of his worst years, really, in the last four or five years. So I think it was just him feeling comfortable on the greens and getting the benefit of kind of a weird draw and a weird weather week.”
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KYLE BUSCH – 8/2/16
Nascar driver

“I always tend to run well at the road courses, and we get a chance to run the Watkins Glen this weekend. We’re looking forward to that. It gives me a neat opportunity to turn right, turn left and hopefully go after another win and get ourselves higher in the standings for the Chase.”
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STEVE BUSBY – 8/2/16
Former MLB pitcher, current Rangers TV analyst

“The Rangers had that kind of feeling last year when the club acquired Cole Hamels at the trade deadline. I told Cole when he got to Texas that the impact he has had on the club took place before he ever threw a pitch for the Rangers. The guys in the clubhouse said, ‘Hey, we’ve got a legitimate shot now. We’ve got an ace. Now let’s go out and put it together on the field.’ I think they feel the same way about Beltran and Lucroy and Jeffress.”
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Yahoo! Sports executive producer

“It’s not. It’s your typical pre-Olympic chatter. You have over 4,000 members of the media here with four days before the Opening Ceremonies. Now we’re down to the final 48 hours and we’re just kind of looking for the stories. No, the sky is not falling down here. It’s your typical Olympic set-up. Other than the traffic and long lines for the media venues, everything’s been pretty smooth.”
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Former World Series champion

“He didn’t have any kind of athletic ability whatsoever, but you put him 60 feet, six inches from home plate and he could do some special things. No, Mike, he might not have been the greatest defensive catcher in the world, but let me tell you something: When he was in that batter’s box and he had a piece of wood in his hand, he was to be feared. You’re talking about probably the best offensive catcher that any of us have ever seen. Probably rivals right up there with a Johnny Bench.”
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Former NFL WR

“He impressed me. But Trevor Siemian, as the days have progressed, he’s gotten better and he’s impressed me also. So right now it’s a coin flip. Both guys are getting even reps, and it’s going to be interesting to see who that opening-day starter is.”
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Former NFL safety

“People, they’re thinking Aaron was going to be like Brett, but they’re totally different. Aaron has an A-list Hollywood girlfriend; Brett has a wife who’s going to induct him into the Hall of Fame who’s been with him since he was 16 years old. That’s Wisconsin. People (here) don’t really get into all that Hollywood (stuff). We don’t even have TMZ in Wisconsin. We don’t allow that. And I think that’s a good thing.”
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Former NBA All-Star guard

“It’s hard to do. How could you tell a guy (no who gave you something) when you had nothing? They gave you $500, $200, $300, get you something to eat, get you some clothes, get you some sneakers. Now you make millions and he’s coming and he’s in dire need and you’re going to say no? No, you got to help that person out. So it’s the way you do it. Some guys, they come into the money and they say, ‘I’m going to give my mother, I’m going to give my father or my brother this amount of money, flat. Leave me along. Go ahead and do what you’re going to do with that. Don’t come back and ask for more.’ So it’s just the way you carry yourself with that.”
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