MIKE WEIR – 7/26/16
CBS and Turner golf analyst

“(They know) if you’re a couple over par and not playing your best, you can maybe get those par-5s to finish and salvage the round. If you find yourself in contention Sunday, the longer players can have a bit of an advantage coming into those last couple of holes, especially if it starts to firm up.”
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CBSSports.com NFL insider

“This collective bargaining agreement is structured in such a way (that) the disincentives for having any sort of holdout situation – for both sides – (are there). From the team side and the player side, for it to actually bleed into a significant amount of camp, you have to be a little bit out there. You have to really be militant in order for both sides to reach a point where they can’t get this done in time for this kid to be on the field with veterans.”
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Former NFL WR

“I don’t think there’s anyone in this world – and this is from my perspective – that I have beef with, that I have issues with. That’s just not who I am. The things that I said, they were said out of frustration. As the franchise guy, you’re my guy. I was balling when Brett was there. You walked into this. Come on, you got to say something. You have their ear. And I felt like that didn’t take place. I said things that I wish now that I would have worded differently or I would have conveyed differently. But there is no beef. I have no beef. Look, my wife will tell you I’m not a confrontational guy.”
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PETER KING – 7/27/16
TheMMQB.com writer

“He has to. I’m assuming he’s going to start him in the third preseason game. Belichick always does some strange things in the preseason, and nobody knows what he’s going to do, but I’d be very surprised if Garoppolo doesn’t start Week 3 and play into the third quarter with the team that he’s going to have to lead for four weeks.”
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EDDIE GEORGE – 7/28/16
Former NFL Pro Bowler

“A lot of leadership, too. When you look at Ohio State, it all starts with J.T. Barrett. I think he’s been the catalyst for this team for pretty much the last two years. They had the Cardale Jones experiment after winning the championship and starting most of the season last year until they got erratic play out of him. But I think moving forward, they found that it was more settled and stable with J.T. Barrett. If (you’re stable) at the quarterback position, it all starts there.”
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SCOTT FUJITA – 7/29/16
Former NFL LB

“You’re going to walk into a theater and laugh your ass off and cry your ass off. Steve and his wife, Michel, both have incredible strength, but they’re also incredibly human and raw and they share their vulnerabilities in a way that I’m so proud of. But it’s also kind of shocking. They go there in every sense of the word, and to have a great sense of levity through the process – I’m just proud of them to open up the way they did.”
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RYAN BURR – 7/29/16
Golf Channel host

“College golfers that had really good junior careers and they got a college scholarship, they once told me that the sight of their golf clubs would make them throw up. It just becomes a job. It becomes something that you just can’t get away from. Rory’s entire identity is golf. I’m 100 percent with you. He’s been a little contentious with the media, which was never Rory. He’s always smiling, happy-go-lucky – he’s one of my favorite guys. I think right now he’s a little burned out and might need the reset button in the offseason.”
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