JON ANIK – 7/11/16
FOX Sports UFC commentator

“I thought Silva did a good job defensively of evading a lot of those shots, but this is the recipe for victory for Daniel Cormier. And the thing is, he’s the light-heavyweight champion. He has to preserve that. He had to get through this spot, make sure his hand was raised by whatever means necessary. So I understand there’s a lot of criticism being levied at DC. I think a lot of it has fallen on deaf ears, certainly with the avid UFC fans who know what they actually saw.”
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KEVIN MILLAR – 7/11/16
MLB Network analyst

“Every good team goes through speed bumps in the road. Period. If they would have kept going on their pace, they would have won 135 games. They got such a great start, they did what they wanted to do. Now what scares me is their rotation all went bad at once. They’re still young offensively. They’re exciting, they’re great. You’re looking at Kris Bryant, who’s going to have 30+ homers for a lot of years and drive in 120+ (runs). You’re looking at Anthony Rizzo, who’s your veteran at 26 years old at first base who’s going to do the same thing. But they still have young at-bats.”
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KENNY SMITH – 7/12/16
NBA on TNT analyst

“Not saying I wouldn’t abide by the law, not saying I don’t think that there’s good cops, (not saying I’m not) a law-abiding citizen. But there is a distrust and there has to be an acknowledgment that we have to do better. I don’t think the burden of proof is on the African-American community. If you don’t trust someone, it’s not my burden to show you how to trust me. You have to prove your trust. If you look at all the statistics, you go, ‘We don’t trust the police. We’re going to get arrested because (we’re) in a poor neighborhood.’ Because when you’re poor, if you don’t pay a ticket, you go to jail. If you’re rich, you just pay the ticket. It’s really a poor social economic as well as black problem. They have to acknowledge that this is not right. The system doesn’t work.”
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Former Spurs guard

“They love controversy. That’s why reality TV is so popular. If the Spurs had a reality TV show, nobody would be watching it – because you already know what’s coming. Guys are not going to be arguing, guys are not going to be fighting, the front office is not going to be arguing, it’s not going to be fighting – so that’s not something you want to see. Now, there are other teams in professional sports that, if they had a reality TV show, it would sell like crazy because America loves controversy – and that’s not Tim. He’s just about his business. He does his business and he goes home.”
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Cardinals DE 

“You definitely understand (that) when things go wrong, there has to be discipline. You don’t want it to be too much (to) where one person can have all the power, but it’s just a process. There’s definitely some things we have to look for going into the next CBA that we have to address.”
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Alabama head coach

“Tim Duncan was a superstar – but more than anything, he was a selfless superstar. He was a man of humility. He cared more about winning than individual accolades. But you’re talking about competitive spirit. Other guys are boisterous on the floor and trying to draw a lot of attention to themselves by foaming at the mouth and whatever they do with all of their different hand gyrations – Tim was a competitive guy, man. He didn’t show it a lot on his face, but he was a winner. He was a force on the court, but it (started) in practice. His practice habits were consistent. You come early, stay late, watch a ton of film. He was also a builder of men in terms of building up his teammates and not tearing them down. What an incredible career. Nineteen years in San Antonio with the same coach. Five championships. What George Gervin started and David Robinson took the baton from George, Tim Duncan took it to an entirely different level.”
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BOB COSTAS – 7/14/16
NBC Sports legend

“It’s nothing against the Olympics, but the Dream Team was a once-in-a-lifetime – maybe a once-for-all-time situation – and it captivated everybody. But in truth, those who play major team sports or sports like golf or tennis may love participating in the Olympics, but you can’t say logically it could mean the same thing to them that it means to Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps or 99 percent of Olympians for whom the Olympics is the absolute pinnacle of what they do. If you gave every golfer truth serum, would they rather win the Masters or would they rather win the Olympic gold medal?”
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NOTAH BEGAY – 7/15/16
Golf Channel analyst

“He’s really giving it the type of rest that I think is appropriate, especially (after) turning 40 (and having three back procedures). Most athletes come back too early. I kind of joked with him, saying, ‘Hey, you’ve never heard of an athlete that was accused of coming back too late. Athletes are accused of coming back too early.’ I just encouraged him to enjoy the time with his kids.”
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RICK WELTS – 7/15/16
Warriors President and COO

“But to make room under the cap for Kevin, we had to really disassemble the team. We’re going to have a lot of fresh faces. It is a great puzzle that Steve Kerr and his staff are going to have to figure out how to take advantage of the amazing talent on the roster, but also a lot of guys are going to be meeting each other for the first time.”
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