BILLY KING – 7/5/16
Former Nets GM

“I don’t understand why people are so mad at Kevin Durant for leaving Oklahoma City. That’s his right. That’s why he became a free agent – to be able to (decide where he wanted to live and play). And he chose that.”
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Astros pitcher

“We felt like we had that series won, in the bag, ready to go. I think it’s that taste that’s in your mouth at the end of the season that just kind of lingers for a little while and gives you a little bit of motivation and competitive edge going into the offseason. But we knew we were there. We really really felt like we had the team to go all the way last year, and a lot of the same pieces are back this year. So I think we kind of came in with the expectation that let’s pick up where we left off and win some baseball games.”
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KEN BERGER – 7/6/16
CBS Sports NBA insider

“Miami didn’t win as many championships as they thought they would when they got the Big Three, and who knows what’ll happen with Golden State. But if they do (win several championships), I think it’ll be a landmark in the history of the league in terms of looking back and wondering how the heck did that happen?”
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Former Celtic great

“I don’t think you make a deal for deal’s sake because you don’t know what those assets might be. If you’re Brooklyn right now and you’re the Celtics and you have their pick for the next couple of years and you say ‘Brooklyn could be really, really bad,’ you’re looking at the possibility of two No. 1 picks by being patient. If you do the wrong thing and go out and make this deal quickly and try to in the short term look good or try to appease your fans, you might hurt yourself in the long run. I think the patient posture of Danny Ainge and the Celtics right now – and the steady pace, like the tortoise and the hare – is the best one right now.”
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MIKE CONLEY JR. – 7/7/16
Grizzlies guard

“As far as pressure, I don’t feel it because until next season and the seasons to come, my contract will look like peanuts to some of these guys that will be signing. So it’s cool to have that tag as the highest-paid player in history for now, but that will soon be surpassed shortly.”
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DANA WHITE – 7/8/16
UFC president

“He can do whatever he wants to do. But I was absolutely opposed to the press conference. The sample hasn’t been tested, he doesn’t really know what’s going on – what’s the point of a press conference? Get the facts. Get all the facts together, check the sample, find out why this is in your body, then hold a press conference. Obviously we had to have a press conference because there’s a fight on Saturday night. Jon Jones didn’t need a press conference. Jon Jones doesn’t know anything. All he knows is he’s not fighting Saturday and something came back in his USADA test. What’s the point of a press conference? There are no facts.”
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Former MLB outfielder

“So I just went through the Yellow Pages and found this hillbilly in Mississippi. I went and I explained it to him: ‘I don’t need you to teach me how to play baseball. I can play baseball. I can hit. I need you to give me something that can keep me the same weight and strength I’m at now.’”
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